15 Must See Haunted Attractions in Pennsylvania (2023)

What was that noise? If you find joy in creaking doors, dark hallways, and spooky rooms in old buildings, try your luck at 13 of our must-see haunted attractions. Pennsylvania's historic past creates the perfect backdrop for ghost stories and spooky walks - whether it's a mysterious battlefield or a haunted prison. Check out these historic and haunted places in Pennsylvania and get ready for some bizarre encounters with the supernatural.

Eastern State Penitentiary - Philadelphia and its interior

In 1829, the first prisoner stepped through the doors of Eastern State Penitentiary. It closed as a prison in 1971 and is now derelict and empty. The lingering ghosts of isolated prisoners are said to still haunt the cell blocks of this National Historic Landmark, making it one of the most haunted prisons in America. Today the same allure remains, and guests can experience the haunted prison on a tour or at special events offered throughout the year.

Farnsworth House - Dutch Country Roads

Dubbed "One of America's Most Haunted Inns" by the Travel Channel, this haunted inn takes great pride in its haunted history and lore. During the infamous and bloody Battle of Gettysburg, snipers hid in the attic of Farnsworth House and fired through the windows. Even today, the spirits of these very soldiers and their victims do not rest in peace. To continue the haunted experience, visitors can take a stroll or join one of the many tours available at this haunted site to experience the looming spirits for themselves. Be sure to check the Paranormal Nights schedule, which takes place monthly.

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Former Carbon County Jail - Pocono Mountains
Jim Thorpe

In June 1877, one of the leaders of the famous Molly Maguires, a secret consortium of coal miners, was sentenced to death in the Carbon County Jail. On the way to the execution, he reportedly slammed his hand against the wall and declared that he did not commit the crime. He announced that his handprint would remain as proof of his innocence. Years later, after cleaning, repainting and even remodeling, the handprint is still there. Even today, visitors can walk the prison's cold corridors and see the mysterious handprint in Cell 17. On the first three Saturdays in October, the Old Prison offers ghost tours of the property.

Hotel Bethlehem - Lehigh Valley

The Bethlehem Hotel dates back to 1741, and the hotel's ancient rooms and hallways are filled with supernatural stories. Ghosts are said to invade the hotel, including Mary Yohe, who was once the hotel's pianist; Daddy Thomas, an always gracious host; and former owner Mrs. Brong, who appears to the kitchen staff dead as alive – without shoes and socks. Guests can even rent room 932 -- the "room with a boo" -- to meet some of the hotel's "special" guests.

Jean Bonnet Tavern - Die Alleghenies

With countless paranormal occurrences being reported by guests and staff alike, it's no wonder visitors to the Jean Bonnet Tavern experience more than just the enchanting atmosphere and fine dining. A strange man in the bar after hours, doors opening and closing, and the feeling of being touched when no one is around are some of the many so-called paranormal encounters experienced in this haunted place, the one of History and stories stretching back to the 1760's In 2013, Smarter Travel named the tavern one of America's most haunted restaurants and bars.

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Conneaut Lake Park - Great Lakes region of Pennsylvania
Lago Conneaut

Conneaut Lake Park is filled with the happy screams of children during the day, but other mysterious noises take the stage at night. The nostalgic Hotel Conneaut is said to have haunted surprises around every corner. According to legend, the historic site houses the ghosts of a dancing couple and a haunted bride named Elizabeth. In the fall, guests can brave the 13 Levels of Fright at the haunted amusement park.

Jennie Wade House - Dutch Country Roads

Visit the Jennie Wade House in Gettysburg to learn the story of 20-year-old Jennie Wade, Corporal "Jack" Skelly's fiancée and the only civilian casualty during the Battle of Gettysburg. You'll catch a glimpse of the kitchen door, still riddled with bullet holes. During the Ghost Tour, guests take a 90-minute walking tour, stopping at four locations before entering the Jennie Wade House.

Bates Motel - Philadelphia and its interior
Glen Mills

Check into the Bates Motel for the ultimate display of terror and mayhem. Considered one of America's top haunted houses, the motel is packed with special effects and high-tech lighting that take Halloween to a whole new level. The Bates Motel is one of three attractions at Arasapha Farm, which also has a Haunted Corn Maze and a 25-minute Haunted Hayride.

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Cathedral of Learning - Pittsburgh and the surrounding countryside

Rising above the University of Pittsburgh is the neo-Gothic tower known as the Cathedral of Learning. The building was built to be more than just a school; it would be a symbol of the life and spirit of Pittsburgh. A decades-old tale has it that the Early American Room is haunted, with furniture that moves on its own, the smell of fresh bread cooking in the brick fireplace (which hasn't been used since the 1940s), cold spots, and suddenly lit candles smells. As one of the few unused classrooms in the cathedral, this room is available for guided tours.

Teatro Mischler - The Alleghenias

The unearthed testimony of a young girl claims that the ghost of Issac Mishler haunted this beautiful building. Madeline Letsche became friends with the founder of the Altoona Historic Mishler Theater when her mother helped Laura with theater productions. Over the years, many stage crew members, actors, office workers, and visitors have heard, seen, and even felt Issac Mishler's presence.

Pennhurst Asylum - Philadelphia and its interior
spring city

Head to Pennhurst Asylum to send chills down your spine. The hospital-style ride-on attraction features items and artifacts that were part of the original state school. The attraction combines high-tech animatronics, digital sound and motivated actors as well as fine detail and realism. During the visit, guests will experience the containment, the mortuary, and the Mayflower After Dark.

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Reaper's Reaper - Upstate PA

From haunted hay carts to mazes of darkness, the terrifying attractions in Reaper's Revenge are sure to have you jumping out of your seat. Encounter evil clowns and experience the wandering souls of The Lost Carnival or take a walking tour through the aftermath of a massive nuclear strike in Sector 13. Whatever you choose, make sure you're ready for some of the Northeast's spookiest entertainment from Pennsylvania.

Fulton Theater - Dutch Back Streets

Located in the heart of downtown Lancaster, this National Historic Landmark's haunted legends of the Lady in White and other apparitions have even frightened its own actors and prevented them from spending the night at the theater. One of the more mysterious Fulton stories is the tale of a strange old man who was seen in the restricted area of ​​the porch. When asked, he replied that he was watching his granddaughter in a production. The warden later learned that the young actress's two grandfathers had been dead for years.

Hundred Acre Mansion - Pittsburgh and its countryside

From the twisted medical research facility called South Valley Hospital to the meat processing plant turned into a human butcher shop called Brine Slaughterhouse, Hundred Acres Manor is a destination for adventure seekers. Located just minutes from the heart of South Park, this haunted experience spans a mile with six different thrilling attractions. The Hundred Acres Mansion was featured on the Travel Channel and called one of "America's Best Haunted Mansions". PerForbes.com, recently named by The Best Haunted House in PittsburghHauntWorld.com, and the list goes on. Embrace the zombies and creatures of your nightmares to find out what that terrifying buzz is all about.

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Fright Factory - Philadelphia and its interior

Featured on the Travel Channel's list of "America's Spookiest Halloween Attractions," the Fright Factory lives up to its name. This 25,000 square foot haunted house occupies a 105 year old building in South Philadelphia. Join famous Hollywood villains on a macabre journey through all three amazing attractions: Industrial Nightmare, Silent Screams Asylum and Fright Factory Unearthed.


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