20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (2023)

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tv remote prank

tin of twelves

confetti ceiling fan

Biscuit prank

Cup Dribbling Game

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fake milk prank

inverted juice

Turn your child's backpack inside out

cut a banana

Swap candied apples for onions

broken fake screen

Prank Balloon Pillow

balloon door toy

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chip prank

Draw a mustache on your child

Change the toilet paper

underwear prank

Leave fake bugs lying around

set the clocks

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless

Loves to play pranks on your kids or just wants toplay pranks on your childrenforApril first? It can be difficult to come up with a prank that makes you and your kids laugh while still being age-appropriate.

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (21)

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How to prank someone

Nailing someone is a delicate balance between surprising them and pissing them off. You never want to pull a prank on someone that could permanently damage property or have the potential to hurt someone else. In general, here are some rules for pranking someone:

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  • The prank was supposed to be temporary.Even if playing is uncomfortable at the time, it should be easy for the petted person to fix everything in a short time. Avoid pranks that require hours of cleaning for a moment or two to compensate so as not to upset the person being caught.
  • The prank shouldn't hurt anyone.Be careful not to pull pranks or pranks that could accidentally hurt someone. It's one thing to evoke a screaming reaction from someone, it's another to accidentally cause them to trip and fall down the stairs. Make sure your prank doesn't pose a security risk.
  • The joke shouldn't embarrass anyone.Light teasing is fine, of course, but don't play pranks on sensitive people or children who may not have a sense of humor to appreciate. Choose prank victims who are relatively relaxed and open to surprises.

Children and others can often learn to appreciate the good humor behind a joke or prank, as long as it doesn't humiliate them. That's why it's so important to keep the spirit of any prank you play good-natured, not malicious. No one should be intimidated by a prank, everyone should end the interaction with a laugh.

How to prank your friends

Your friends are one of the best groups of people to play pranks on. Friends are generally more forgiving of pranks than any other group of people you might meet, so a prank on a friend is generally more well-received than pranks pulled on your work or prickly family members.

To get a good prank from your friends, follow these tips:

  • Don't grimace.If you burst out laughing mid-joke, your friend will likely suspect something is wrong and you won't get the full force of your surprise when the prank takes place. Keep your face straight to avoid prematurely hinting at your joke.
  • Use their routine.If you know that your friend always sits in the same spot when you go out, you can use that information to place a pillow or other prank on that spot. Pulling a good prank on your friends requires a little creativity.
  • Be patient.Sometimes it takes a while to come up with the perfect prank, so you have to be willing to be patient and wait for the right moment.

Friends are always a fun butt for a harmless prank, but it's a good idea to choose friends with a slightly gentler personality. Nervous people or people who don't like surprises may not respond well to a prank, no matter how well-intentioned.

funny pranks for kids

pranks are aReally funnyHobby with kids as this can be a good way for siblings to get back at each other, especially if your house is involved in a prank war. Some fun games for kids include safe games and common household items so they are easy to make. These are some examples of funny pranks for kids:

  • Sleeping mustache prank:Be sure to use washable markers for this little prank. Kids and adults alike can draw a mustache on a sleeping person and see how long it takes them to remember when to wake up in the morning. This is a great game for kids to play at sleepovers for any toddler who falls asleep early.
  • Fill a room with balloons:This is an especially good prank for surprise parties, as it can be used later as decorations for the party. It's fun for kids to open a closed door only to see a huge wave of rainbow-colored balloons roll by.
  • Goblet of Water Prank:This prank can be a little tricky, but it's worth it (and kids love to mess around anyway). Fill a few paper cups with water and place them all in front of a door. Now stand back and watch someone walk through the door and cum in the cups!

Playing pranks can be a fun activity to do with kids, as it helps teach them the difference between good humor and mischievous humor. It also teaches kids who are being caught how to respond with good humor instead of being upset.

april fools for kids

One of the best opportunities to introduce fun games to children is during April Fools' Day. This day is the universal prank holiday and can be a fun way to start a harmless prank war in your home with your kids.

These are just some funny April Fools pranks you can pull on your kids:

  • Create glitter bombs.Stuffing envelopes with glitter and handing them out to unsuspecting people is the joke that's still being played, as long as you don't mind finding glitter everywhere six months later.
  • Fake smartphone cracks:Since many kids also own tablets and smartphones, this is a prank that works just as well for them as it does for adults. You can download fake cracks smart device wallpaper and then sit back and watch the totally temporary panic.
  • Put a whoopie pillow under her chair:Whoopie pillows are one of the most popular prank accessories because everyone thinks farts are funny. Tuck one of these rubber bubbles under a couch cushion for a squeaky, fun surprise later on.

These are just some of the hilarious pranks you could pull on (or on) your kids in the next April Fools joke. Just don't be surprised if they decide to retaliate with a prank!

Opranks for kidson this list are great for all ages, and most of them only take a minute or two to set up, which means you'll likely have time to make more than one! And if you have several children, you can help them play these harmless pranks on each other.

The best pranks for your kids

1. Leave fake bugs around

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (22)

This scam is old but a rumor as most kids don't look closely enough to realize the scam is fake. For best results, get some fake cockroaches like this one.false errors, or maybe a fake spider, if that's the creature you see in your house most often. Then drop the bugs in frequently touched places, like maybe your child's toothbrush or toilet paper roll, and wait for their reaction!

2. Children's Underwear Prank

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (23)

Take a needle and a fine thread and run it through all the underwear (or socks) in your child's drawer if he's not careful. So the next time they get dressed, they end up taking off all their underwear at once! This works especially well if your child has a messy underwear drawer. But if your kids are organized, you can take advantage of this idea.Mama Poppinsand also swap all one child's underwear with another child's or parent's and see how long it takes to find out!

3. Replace toilet paper

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (24)

Imagine your child's surprise when he uses the toilet paper and finds something else in its place! You can buy fake toilet paper that doesn't tear like this one in the picturethe rocket, or you can get creative and stick a roll of duct tape to the toilet paper holder. Just make sure you're around when you pull this prank so you can come to the rescue with the real person if they realize they've been tricked.

4. Draw your child a mustache

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (25)

This is another prank for kids that has been around for generations, but it's still fun! Wait until your child is sleeping soundly, e.g. B. in the middle of the night, and draw a mustache on his face. Then it's time to see how long it takes them to notice! You might even want to get creative and add glasses or a beard like in this photo.love and laundry.

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5. Chip prank

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (26)

If keeping a can of snacks at home is difficult, this child's game will be easy to do. Just keep an empty potato chip can and fill it with something that will bounce when your child opens it. You can make something out of feathers and fabric, or order a toy token container like this one.toy child mother.

6. Balloon Door Prank

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (27)

The balloon holder prank is a good idea to appeal to older kids who may be used to keeping an eye on their pranks every April Fools. This game requires you to inflate several balloons so that they are inflated enough to burst under pressure, then attach them to the back of a door that your child will open. If it's a door that doesn't normally open all the way, be sure to secure it closer to the hinge so that even partially opening the door will cause it to swing open and startle your child. You can also place the balloons in different places, like in this example.a subtle indulgence.

7. Balloon Pillow Game

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (28)

If you're already shopping for balloons for the door prank, this is a second gag you can pull at the same time. Just inflate a few extra balloons as you work on the prank above, but instead of taping them to the door, remove your child's pillowcase pillow and slide the balloons inside. Accordinglykids activities blog, this is a great prank to help your little one pull off their big brother.

8. Fake broken screen

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (29)

Fake screen prank for kids is quick and easy and can be performed on any electronic device in the house. Start by searching Google for "broken screen" on the device you want to prank. Try to use a device that you know your child will use regularly. Download this image and use it as a screensaver like this exampleFamily Days Field Tested Blog.This prank can also work on older teens who have their own phones, as long as you have the passcode and can do it quickly before your child realizes the phone is missing.

9. Swap candied apples for onions

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (30)

This trick requires a little more preparation, but your child's reaction will be worth it! Start by melting chocolate in a pan on the stove and placing raw peeled onions on kebab sticks. Once the chocolate has melted, dip the onions in the chocolate until completely covered. At this point, feel free to add crushed walnuts or sprinkles. Then place the onions in a skillet covered with parchment paper and refrigerate for 30 minutes or until the chocolate has set.joys of the gamerecommends making real apples dipped in chocolate that you can eat at the same time so your kids don't get suspicious.

10. Pre-cut a banana

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (31)

Do you have a banana lover at home? Wait until your child wants to ask for a banana, and in advance use a needle or toothpick to cut the banana by the skin. Then, when your child receives the banana and opens it, he will realize that it is already sliced! You can make lots of small, thin slices if you have the time, or you can stick with a few thick slices, as in this example.instructions.

11. Turn your child's backpack inside out

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (32)

The night before April Fools' Day, wait for your child to fall asleep and unpack everything. Then turn the backpack inside out and put everything back. In the morning you will be amazed at what happened. This prank works best when your kids have simple backpacks with few pockets, like this backpack in the photo.instructions.

12. Inverted Juice

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (33)

This prank is a bit messy so make sure you're ready to clean up the mess before you start. Before breakfast, take the juice that your child normally drinks and fill a nearly full glass with it. Then place a piece of cardboard over the opening and turn the pot upside down. Place the jar and box in your child's place at the table and slide the box out of the jar. Invite your child over for breakfast and see what he does! You can also leave the juice for an after-school drink for your kids to find when they get home, like in this example.Old orchard.

13. Fake milk prank

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (34)

For kids who start their day with a glass of milk or cereal, this prank is sure to make you laugh. This game for kids requires you to pour milk into a plastic cup or box (so your child can see the milk from outside) or you have to serve your child a cup. Start by adding unflavored gelatin powder to a few tablespoons of water and stirring until dissolved. Then you need to heat the milk on the stove or in the microwave and add the gelatin mixture when it is hot. Put the drink back in your child's box or jar and leave it in the fridge for a few hours. As you can see, this prank takes a while to set up.pranksrecommends setting it up the night before if you want to pull it out for breakfast.

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14. Fake cookies

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (35)

Nothing goes so well with milk spreads like biscuit spreads! Do too much of it and your kids won't know what hit them! You can find the recipe atJacqs Blogand asks for mashed potatoes and black beans mixed together to mimic the appearance of rawcookie dough. Place drops of the material a few inches apart on a baking sheet, just as you would cookies, and toast them until golden brown. After they cool down, serve them to your child and watch their reaction!

15. Adjust the clocks

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (36)

Ever wish you had just an extra hour to yourself? In this April Fools prank, you can! Just get up early (or stay up late) and set all the clocks in the house an hour later. This children's game is great for little ones who are learning to tell time. For those with older kids who have cell phones, this won't work either, but you can try adjusting the time on their cell phone and convince them they're late for school! What's so good about this prank idea?Go to Bank Interestit's just that it doesn't cost a dime to get your kids sane and have them panic until you give up and let them join in the fun.

16. Dribbling Cup Prank

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (37)

Without the right equipment, glass sliding can be difficult for children. But if you have a dribble glass like this one inStupid Gadgets, you can fill a glass with liquid and watch it splash on your child's face and clothes! There is a do-it-yourself version of this trick, just take a partially used plastic bottle and use a needle to poke holes in the plastic just above the liquid. Invite your child now to enjoy a cool and refreshing drink. This prank can get messy, so it's best to do it with a non-staining drink!

17. Sponge Bread Prank

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (38)

The sponge cake hack is one of the best fake food hacks for kids that will make them stop trusting the sweets you serve them! Purchase a large yellow sponge and any icing color or flavor you like. Cut the sponge cake into triangular shapes, extra points if you decide to make a two layer sponge cake like this oneOh Sam. Use icing afterwards to make the piece of cake look like the real thing. You can also add additional sprinkles or decorations of your choice. Warning, these cookie pieces look so authentic, you'll want the real thing in this prank!

18. Confetti ceiling fan

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (39)

The confetti ceiling fan prank only works if you have a ceiling fan and you live somewhere warm enough that someone would want to use it in April. You should also realize that this prank will wreak havoc - but it's super fun and quick to pull off! Just turn off the ceiling fan and load the top of the blades with confetti. The next person who wants to use the fan will be in for a surprise!instructable liferecommends playing this prank when you hope a large group of people will get the most laughs!

19. Tin of Twelves

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (40)

This cute April Fools joke for kids will have your little one grinning from ear to ear! For this game, you will need a can of fruit, preferably with a flap that the child can open by himself, some hot glue and some sweets! To set it up, remove the bottom of the can with a manual can opener. Remove the fruit, rinse the can and let it dry. Once dry, fill it with your child's favorite candy, then use hot glue to glue it back to the bottom. Then put it back in the pantry or yourlunch box for kidsfor a prank they won't forget! You can even take the time to add a sweet note like this mom did.come children.

20. TV remote prank

20 funny pranks for kids that are silly and harmless (41)

a purple bugoffering us the latest prank on the list is quick, easy, and best of all, it leaves no mess behind. When your child isn't looking, place a piece of clear plastic tape on the end of the remote with the sensor. Your child will click and click, but the TV channel will not change! If you or your partner are tech-savvy, you can download several apps on your phone that will allow you to control your TV directly from your phone. Just don't tell your kids you downloaded it and watch how they can't figure out how the channel changes on their own!

Common questions

Wasn't it a prank call?

Hazing is how many people are introduced to pranks and pranks as children. Hazing means calling acquaintances or strangers and teasing them with cryptic jokes. Prank calls are generally considered a harmless scam, but the advancement of caller ID has made prank calls less popular than in the past.

Is playing illegal?

Most pranks are harmless, but there are some that can get you into serious trouble if you pull them on someone who decides to press charges against them. Always avoid pranks that involve:

  • Dealing with food and drink:While it might seem funny to trick someone into drinking when it's someone you didn't think would react negatively to the prank, this kind of prank can get you into serious legal trouble. Never add anything to someone else's food or drink, even if it isn't a drug. Tampering with food and drink is highly illegal.
  • Vandalism:You should never pull a prank that damages someone's property, even if it seems relatively harmless, like TPing a house. These pranks are considered vandalism and may be prosecuted.
  • Flaming Poop:Pooping on fire on your doorstep is a popular prank in film and television, but this prank is dangerous and illegal. Never let anything burn on someone's front porch, period.

A good rule of thumb for pranking is to consider how the person will react to the prank. Is it a prank that the person being caught would end up laughing at? If not, it's a prank that you should seriously reconsider.

Why do people joke?

Pranks have been around for thousands of years, and psychologists have studied the reasons why. The main point is that people like pranks because they simulate a crisis when they are actually very easy to solve. This stimulation really encourages self-growth and forces people to recognize their own shortcomings. Pranks can also teach people to respond to unexpected mistakes with grace and good humor.


Another important reason why people like to play pranks on others is to make them laugh or as a gesture of affection towards them. Ideally, a good prank should make the person being pranked laugh as much as the person who originally orchestrated the prank.


With these appropriate 20 yearspranks for kids, you're sure to have your family rolling on the floor laughing with this April Fools joke. No matter which prank you choose from this list at home, you'll surprise your kids or maybe your partner. Just be prepared because they will probably try to get it back next year!


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