Core NCLEX Review Courses (2023)

The saying "In the information age, ignorance is a choice" (attributed to Donny Miller) has never been truer than it is today. This concept of easy and immediate access to information directly relates to nurses looking to study for the upcoming National Council for Registered Nurse Licensing Examination (NCLEX-RN). However, as always when using an Internet search engine, too much information is overwhelming. Try entering a simple Google search for "NCLEX-RN Review Course" which gives you about 1,340,000 results and prepare to have your stress level spike like you've been hit with an epipen. No need to grab a paper bag to calm your hyperventilation, we're breaking this elephant down into bite-sized pieces for easy consumption:


ONCLEX-RN Exam Guide via is FREEComprehensive guide (written, reviewed and updated by RN) of 85+ pages covering how and what you need to know to pass the exam like a boss. This site uses an accordion-style table of contents that relates directly to the categories and subcategories of the four main test classifications. This site not only provides information and insights into how the exam is designed, organized and implemented, but also offers expert advice on how to prepare for exam day. Created and validated by experienced RNs, this is a great site with over 200free NCLEX-RN practice test questionsWithout conditions.

The artist formally known as NRSNG is nowENFERMAGEM.comWith a new streamlined look and design, it offers an incredible 200% refund to those who don't pass the NCLEX after completing the course and mock test (terms apply, of course). They currently offer four plans starting at $99 (6 months of access and access to over 6,000 practice questions), $149 (adds a pass guarantee and three mock exams), $329 (adds a total of five simulations, over 300 refresher courses and a review book) or a commercial membership to schools or health care organizations. Some of the most impressive features of this website are accessibility to the course through a mobile app, video justifications, private Facebook group, and much more.

EZ NCLEX Mentoring Services

If you prefer a more traditional, more traditional approach to learning, check outEZ NCLEX Mentoring Services. Its 8-week or 16-week exam prep courses offer weekly 1:1 online tutoring sessions with nursing experts to guide participants through courses and exams relevant to NCLEX categories. Using diagnostic tests, quizzes, progress reports, practice quiz sessions, and weekly assignments along with tutoring, this program offers unique personalized instruction for your flexible schedules. As places are limited, prospective students have to apply via live chat or by calling the company directly, which was very easy. The 8-week custom course ($1,950) is designed to help first-time (or repeat) test takers, while the 16-week option ($2,950) is for someone who has failed the exam more than four times. This refresher course offers retaking the course if you don't pass, as well as easy payment options through PayPal.


Hurst NCLEX-RN Review

If you're looking for a program of study that offers many levels of access and learning dating back to 1900 ('88 to be exact), Hurst Review Service may be for you. With a 98.6% pass rate,Hurst NCLEX-RN Reviewit has five levels of learning support and offers an additional live classroom intensive ($399) for the final boost. Based on our research, live sessions are frequently offered in the US, but plan accordingly. Eligible students who complete the entire course and attempt the NCLEX-RN within 3 months of the course, but do not pass, will receive a full refund or a single 45-day remedial course. There are five course options: Hurst QBank ($109) allows 30 days of access and over 1,500 practice questions. Hurst Now ($199) adds an on-demand review, it's 90-day access, and four prep exams. In addition to the smaller plans, Hurst Now Plus ($339) has 120 days of access, the program upgrades, and allows for a payment plan. Hurst N-Stream ($399) offers all of the services listed plus 3 days of live streaming content and 9 months of access to expert lectures. The website lists many positive testimonials about the product and even includes a beautiful biography of their nurse practitioner, Marlene. This site seems to be very NCLEX focused and only offers courses related to nursing education.

Kaplan Nursing NCLEX-RN Prep

Not sure which learning format is right for you? With so many options for in-person, livestream, online, or hybrid models, knowing the ideal way to prepare for the NCLEX is an important step in passing the exam.Kaplan Nursing NCLEX-RN Prepcleverly designed a four-question quiz to identify your best learning mode, then offers proven courses to meet your needs. With input and instruction from over 600 nurses, this method is designed to give students the tools they need to break down each question and systematically address the correct answer. In addition to the RN course, Kaplan also offers CCRN, ATI TEAS, ISPN, CGFNS, and PN prep courses for other nursing areas. There is a link to free content, but most of the focus is on the paid courses. The base course is $399 and includes over 2,100 sample questions, three adaptive computer tests, NCLEX Channel lessons, an on-the-go study mobile app, a unique decision tree methodology, a review guide, and a tool. of electronic learning. Book with more than 500 pages. There is also an option for those who want a live or in-person refresher course for $499 and also allows access to the above resources.

Nursing Academy Plus

The initial introduction toNursing Academy Pluswe were drawn to his no-obligation free practice questions (updated for 2020, according to the home page). They even offer helpful links to a nursing career guide and one on how much money nurses make. Even his "7 NCLEX Review Strategies" area is refreshingly clear and concise. So...they lure you in with the emotional click-bait question: "How much are your time and sanity worth?" which worked because we fully clicked the button. Their premium lifetime program ($99) is designed to simulate the actual exam and offers simple yet effective ways to memorize and understand key exam concepts in a unique way. With over 400 original exam questions across 18 tests, members receive detailed explanations to support correct answers. If you only need a month of access, there's a $37 pass to access the essential features and it also includes a money-back guarantee if you pass the exams and fail the official exam. Nurse Plus also offers an exam simulator to allow members to experience the full exam without hints or prompts, but stores incorrect answers for review and practice after completing the simulator exam. While the website makes it difficult to know where its RNs come from or, even more so, who they are as an organization, it does provide several testimonials from nurses.

Elsevier Evolve Nursing Review and Evidence

With more than 140 years of education and publishing experience, Elsevier is a household name in health and nursing education, making its purchase of Health Education Systems Incorporated (HESI) education and training company even more influential. Using a comprehensive platform, members can access theElsevier Evolve Nursing Review and Evidenceby HESI for Nursing. While a highly respected and validated organization, the site is clunky and requires a bit of digging to find what you want. When we finally locate HESI/Saunders' NCELX-RN online review course (another learning platform acquired by Elsevier), what you get for $110 is clearly defined. Authorized content is presented in a convenient, interactive, and flexible online format, including bulleted topic summaries, key terms and definitions, practice questions, and case studies with images, animations, and video clips. While we know and trust the Elsevier, HESI and Saunders brands for quality products, their website was buggy and not consumer friendly.

academia Khan

Anyone who has googled how to do anything, especially math problems, is familiar with free online learning courses atacademia Khan, a non-profit learning system. With their stated mission to provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere, it's no surprise they've entered the NCLEX-RN review space. The rudimentary website appears to have hundreds of practice questions for students to answer, which will unlock more quiz questions. The questions are grouped by topics such as tachycardia, cyanotic heart disease, vasculitis, emphysema, etc. Supporting justifications are provided when you answer a question incorrectly, and be sure to create an account to log in and track your progress.

Conquer exam prep

The experts at Achieve Test Prep used their years of experience teaching students how to master concepts efficiently to challenge and pass an entire college course that created theAchieve NCLEX-RN Reviewfor nursing students. This live virtual classroom course includes 15 hours of live instruction from a BSN-certified nurse, free study materials, access to instructors for additional support outside of class, free quiz-style questions, and a discount on class prep future for Achieve. exam when you get your next degree. Prepare to take advantage of your 94% pass rate simply by choosing the best date and paying the $499 fee. Participants who attend all exam preparation sessions are guaranteed to pass. Otherwise, they are entitled to a free course recovery. The courses appear to be taught by qualified nurses who are committed to the success of the participants.

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Many non-nursing learning sites and platforms are entering the world of reviews andestudio.comit is our first review of such an animal. This site offers a large number of study guides and online learning courses, such as Business, Biology, Psychology, and Earth Sciences, where students can earn college credit. The test prep field is equally broad, including everything from the ACT, SAT to GRE, MCAT to military placement tests, and teacher resources. With a reported access of 30 million students per month, there are many testimonials posted by students (not nurses) about the wonders of this site and its training methods. The NCLEX-RX course of study uses a collection of engaging video lessons to break complex topics into complete chapters. We found it difficult to easily see how much charges for the course, as they require you to create an account and enter your credit card number to access the information. He suggests that the $59.99 per month charge is the basic plan that allows you access to the entire library of video courses until "with a few simple clicks" you cancel the account. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, but we couldn't see if the basic plan includes the NCLEX-RN course, which offers 228 videos, 277 lecture transcripts, 1,394 practice questions, and 259 flashcards (created by experts). instructors) that can be accessed on all your devices.

University teachers

If you are looking for your own private teacher to come to your home for private lessons, check outUniversity teachers. This award-winning tutoring company is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee through personalized attention, whether in person or virtually live. The site lists many companies where they appear, such as Fox, NBC, CBS, and USA Today. If having a tutor from Harvard, Yale, or Stanford provide you with a personalized learning plan can help you pass the NCLEX-RN, then this is the program for you. Getting information on the actual costs was a little tricky, as they require you to submit an inquiry, but the benefit of an intensive and focused training session can be worth it for those who struggle with different topics or concepts. It was not clear from the website overview that they also offer a live preparation course on a virtual platform, which we found out when we called and spoke to a learning specialist. The 16-hour course costs $199 and includes practice tests and resources. Private classrooms (I live on a virtual platform in most areas) can be added to the preparatory course for US$50/hour (minimum of 8 hours) or US$75/hour (minimum of 12 hours), if they are not grouped together the course. Using our nursing math skills, one can get a 16 hour review course plus 8 hours of one-on-one tutoring for $599. Not a bad deal or platform where you can hang out in your pajamas.

My nursing domain

Association withMy nursing domainhelps students not only pass the NCLEX-RN exam, but also provides users with a detailed resource tool for terminology, nursing considerations are divided into areas of care, such as critical care and pediatrics, along with a comprehensive research program to find guidelines on blood transfusions or other procedures. Your NCLEX-RN review program includes pre-tests to assess your strengths and help you focus and improve your weaker areas. With over 2,200 practice questions, participants can switch between devices for a smooth learning experience and use its unique tagging system to stay up to date on the areas you need to study more. Once we signed up and answered a few quiz questions (and only missed one!), subscription options magically appeared as $9.99 a month or $49.99 annual fee (cancel anytime). A 300% approval guarantee shows that they are very confident in their program and committed to the success of their students, although there is no information about their organization or specialists.


A seemingly new web-based NCLEX-RN exam preparation website,PassNurseit is more of a learning system that asserts the deeper reasons than any competitor. While the website is clean, up-to-date, and gives a comprehensive overview of the service provided, it doesn't seem to include any information about the organization or the nurses behind the platform. A unique feature for us is a customizable book where students can search for topics and add their own notes to personalize their learning experience. PassNurse is a monthly subscription service starting at $25 for 2 months, $35 for 4 months, and $45 for 6 months. All subscriptions include full access to over 1,000 high-quality questions, access to all detailed illustrated study notes, unlimited timed quizzes, customizable textbook, and peer-comparison performance review.

Virtual-ATI + Board Vitals

Have you ever heard of a psychometrist? Neither do we, but ATI Nursing Education hires them to specialize in learning how people learn and creating programs that fit the multitude of ways. In yourATI virtual + BoardVitalsprogram, participants receive one-on-one coaching from experts during a 12-week NCLEX-RN readiness review, conducted in a virtual format. Each student works individually with a nursing educator to see if they are ready for success. Only after completing the 3-month intensive program and receiving the "green light" from your coach will you be considered ready for the exam. In addition to training, participants have access to BoardVitals, an NCLEX exam prep quiz bank of over 1,000 questions, where students can create customizable quizzes that focus on specific content areas or test their comprehensive knowledge through of adaptive tests. For $575 for the entire program, students receive many learning variations and a guarantee that includes another 12 weeks of access for those who were given the green light but failed the exam. With a 90% national pass rate in the US, Virtual-ATI students have an average of 98% among those who received the green light during the program.


AlthoughMometrixoffers over 3,500 products covering over 1,500 standardized tests, its NCLEX-RN review course and free test prep questions and videos seem to be top of the line products. Free practice tests with video are an easily accessible solution for quick learning. The online review course includes 340 lessons, 608 flashcards, 800+ practice questions, and 50+ instructional videos covering dozens of complex nursing concepts. They offer a one-week money-back guarantee if you don't like the program, and they accommodate visual, reading, repetition, and hands-on learning styles. The subscription costs $39.99 per month and although it is not clearly defined on the website, it seems that you can easily cancel your subscription at any time through your online account.

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ready to pass

While they may have a good product, it's hard to beat their poorly designed and challenging website.ready to pass, which appears to offer one-on-one virtual tutoring and live classes in New York and New Jersey. Once you get to the quick and cute animated pages, the FAQ link gives you a full overview of what they offer. In-person review courses (which cost $499-$599, depending on when you sign up) are conducted by experienced nurses with teaching certificates to not only help students understand key nursing facts and concepts, but also to instruct in evaluation strategies. The Ready to Pass Online Preparation Course ($629 or $649 depending on date of registration) is a comprehensive course streamed live in New York that offers participant interaction and the ability to ask questions, access to over 2,000 questions of practice and a 30-minute tutorial session. with a nurse educator with a master's degree. One-on-one one-on-one tutoring is $75/hour (minimum 2 hours) and takes place online, in person, or over the phone. These are just a few of the hundreds of courses offered for those seeking to pass the challenging NCLEX-RN exam to earn a degree.registered nurse.

First, decide on your ideal learning style and platform, then choose a validated program that you'll follow through to the end. These courses are a valuable resource for passing the exam, but only if you use them. Also, check out our 10tips to prepare for the NCLEX-RN

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