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Traveling can be a way to find yourself or to escape from reality; either way, it's beautiful. Fill your life with unforgettable memories. And Google Maps could be your next tool to discover themnext tourist spots in India.

While most people use this app to get directions from one place to another, it has many other features that can improve yourstravel experience. You wonder how? Here are some Google Maps tips and tricks to use while exploringTourist attractions in India.

Top tips for using Google Maps effectively

1. Plan your route

Use Google Maps to find themnearest tourist spotsfrom the desired locations. You can then save them to your favorites list. Once you're ready for your trip, all you have to do is find your list. add thenearest tourist spotsto your itinerary and remember that the only thing on your checklist is to have fun and make memories.

2. Roadtrip-Plan

Google Maps eliminates a major disadvantage of road trips: you no longer have to plan each part of your trip individually. Now you can plan your entire road trip on Google Maps by adding multiple stops between your final destination.


Just search for your first destination and click the + sign to add more stops. It's a smart way to ensure you make every stop on your itinerary and enjoy a smoother journey.road trip experience.

3. Share your update with friends and family

You may worry about keeping your friends and family informed when you are away from home, especially if you are traveling alone. Even if you are in one of theThe best places to travel alone for women., your family can't help but ask for hourly updates.

Luckily, Google Maps has a feature that lets you share your progress when you visit severalSightseeing features. With real-time updates, security is no longer an issue, giving your loved ones some much-needed peace of mind.

4. Offline function

The real essence of the visitindian tourist placesis to experience local culture, events and activities. But when exploring off-the-beaten-track destinations, there's no guarantee you'll always get reliable coverage. And if you're traveling abroad, you might not want to pay high international fees to use your GPS signal.

Well, Google Maps has a solution for that too. You can now save the maps of your favoritestourist destinationsoffline, which allows you to visit these places without access to an internet connection. To download the map to your phone, locate the area and click on the download option.

5. Search in the best places

Experiencing the local culture in India is every tourist's dream. Explorers are always looking for authentic travel experiences. The best way to ensure you live like a local in every destination you visit is to go beyond the places mentioned in the guidebook. Google Maps can help you by showing you the best oneslocal tourist attractionsAround you.

Google Maps recommends the most authentic places you know and gives you a real sense of the culture. You can search for the best restaurants, pubs, hotels, cafes, etc. to enjoy an everyday experience like a local.

6. Jump lines in places

Long waits to enter a restaurant or cafe can ruin your travel experience. But with Google Maps, you can skip the long lines at popular locations.

Google Maps has a bar chart that shows you the busy and quiet times for a place at any time of the day or week. You can avoid visiting restaurants, shops or similarSightseeing featuresduring your busiest hours, effectively eliminating long waits for your trip.

7. Use Street View

Sometimes it's better to see atourist attractionbefore you get there to check if it is worth visiting. Maybe you're feeling spontaneous on your trip but want to preview the place to see if it suits you. Well, Street View can help! The Google Maps Street View feature gives you a glimpse of the location and offers a 360° view of the entire area. It even allows you to see inside a building.

To use this useful tool on your mobile phone, drag the yellow figure to where you want to see it. You can slide your finger across the screen to change the view on the screen.

8. Never miss the bus

If you are in a new city, you will probably use public transport to get around. It's fun, cheap and fast. The only caveat to relying on public transit to get you to your destination is that you may not be familiar with bus or train timetables. This means you will likely miss the last ride to your hotel.

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Google Maps eliminates this problem by updating you on travel times and the last bus or train that day. You can also set a reminder so you always take the train no matter what.

9. Parking lot

the worst thing to visitnew tourist places in india? Can't remember where you parked your car! Out ofpopular tourist destinationsThey are almost always crowded, it's hard to keep track of where you parked your car. Now, with the help of Google Maps, you can mark the location of your vehicle with just a few taps.

At the next visit atourist attraction,Tap on the blue dot that shows your location and the option to set as parking lot will appear. All you have to do is select it and now your phone will remember where your car is parked.

10. Calculate the incline of your route

Mostindian tourist placesThey have steep paths, especially in the mountains. You should avoid driving uphill or riding a bicycle as it can tire you. The best way to do this is to check the incline of your journey on Google Maps.

your searchholiday destinationin Google Maps to display a graph showing the incline of each part of the journey.

11. Zoom in and out with one finger

Most of the time, you need to use at least two fingers to zoom in and out on your phone's screen. Having only one hand free is not an advantage. Fortunately, there is another way to zoom in on Google Maps. Double tap the screen and you're done!

Google Maps can show an enlarged view of thetourist attractionyou're on your way to You just have to adjust the scaling by moving the screen with your fingers.

final thoughts

The world has changed and traveling has become more convenient, thanks largely to Google Maps!

Google Maps is nothing short of a brilliant tool for travelers, making travel more and more convenient with every new feature and update. The app provides better routes and helps tourists find the best places and events near them.

Google Maps empowers travelers to discover places they never knew existed and makes finding them so easynext tourist spot.With these tips, Google Maps will no doubt be a lifesaver on your next trip.

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frequently asked questions

Can I use Google Maps for long journeys?

Yes, of course! You can even add location pins to your route, customize it and share it with your friends.

I want to create an itinerary for my road trip. Which app should I use?

When it comes to planning an itinerary, Google Maps takes the cake for its dynamism and accessibility. You can create and customize your maps and even share them with your fellow travelers!

Can I create my own maps with Google Maps?

Yes, with Google Maps you can create your own maps. Just log into the map, look for "untitled map" in the top left and get started!

What features make Google Maps special?

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Google Maps offers a 360° view of the landscape with detailed real-time maps. In addition, travelers can determine the distance and time to their destination.

Is Google Maps Free?

Yes, Google Maps is completely free. You can download it to your phone via the Play Store.

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