How to use Google Search Console: 5 tricks to get more traffic (2023)

Google Search Console is a powerful tool that business owners, marketers, and SEO professionals can use to increase their websites' digital presence and organic traffic.

But despite its growing popularity, Google Search Console's interface isn't exactly the most premium or intuitive to use. Hence the growing volume of "Use Google Search Console" requests over the years.

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2017-2021 search volume trends for "How to use google search console".

Know how to use Google Search Consoleis the right waythe key to turning all that valuable data into actionable insights for your SEO strategy.

In this post, we cover four ways you can use this free platform to rank higher, drive traffic, and produce quality content. You will learn how:

  1. Confirm that Google understands the relevance of your content.
  2. Make sure Google is crawling and indexing your web pages correctly.
  3. Fix technical issues and page performance issues.
  4. Run SEO A/B tests using GSC's daily ranking tracking.

What is the Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free platform that helps marketers and SEO professionals track and traceAnalyze your SEO performance. Users can also identify and fix technical and page performance issues to make your site more search engine friendly.

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Search performance metrics in Google Search Console

Not only is the platform completely free, but it also has the most comprehensive real-time SEO dataset available anywhere.

Using the Google Search Console (overview)

There are several reasons why regular use of the GSC is an essential part of everyonedigital marketing strategy. Google has continuously evolved its Search Console platform to improve dashboard capabilities while providing comprehensive data on search engine performance.

So, while various features have been added and tweaked over the years, the goal of the platform has remained the same: to provide direct guidance to business owners, marketers, and SEO professionalshow to increase your SEO performance– both technically and in terms of content.

At a high level, learn how to use Google Search ConsoleSEO:

  • Track keyword rankings, impressions,organic traffic, average position and click-through rate (CTR).
  • Find out about index coverage and confirm that Google's crawlers are indexing web pages correctly.
  • Submit sitemaps, reject files and deactivations.
  • Identify and fixsite experience, Key Elements of the Web, or problems with mobile usability.
  • Confirm that Google sees the markup so that webpages can be displayed in rich search results.
  • View security issues or manual actions identified by Google.
  • Analyze essential backlink data like total number of external links, internal links, top linked pages,Top-Link-Sitesand anchor text distribution

These measures are important not only to understand your SEO performance, but also to improve it. And good SEO is critical to a variety of marketing goals, such as: B. increasing traffic and conversions, improving your reputation, understanding your audience andIncrease your online presence.

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Google Search Console compared to other keyword tracking platforms

Many digital marketers rely on popular SEO platforms like Ahrefs and SEMrush to gather vital information about their keyword rankings. These tools are useful for understanding your performance relative to competitors, but as they scour the SERPs to gather keyword ranking data, the information may be incomplete and out of date.

These tools only see about 30-40% of your site's overall keyword rankings because they crawl a limited number of SERPs and not on a daily basis. For example, compare the total number ofKeyword-RankingsAhrefs sees compared to LinkGraph's GSC Insights (which is built on top of the Google API) for the same website.

This is a pretty big gap in keyword ranking data. When it comes to finding the truth about SEO, no other platform compares to Google's data set.

But why is it so important to understandatthe keywords your websites rank for?

Because everyone is relevantkeywordQuery represents a new way for your business to acquire customers and real customers.

How to use Google Search Console to drive more traffic to your website

If you only occasionally log into the Google Search Console dashboard to see your overall impressions and clicks, you're unlikely to be getting the most out of your metrics and tools.

When it comes to using Google Search Console correctly, here's how to maximize the value of the platform and turn that data into strategic optimization decisions.

1. Quickly confirm that Google understands the keywords you are targeting

When it comes to increasing the total number of keywords your site ranks for, the best strategy is to post regularly.quality contentthat highlights your brand's knowledge and expertise in your niche market.

How to use Google Search Console: 5 tricks to get more traffic (4)

Instead of waiting 30 days, Google Search Console lets you quickly confirm that your content is gaining weight and ranking for your targeted search terms.

To use Google Search Console for any content you publish:

  1. Choose a relevant keywordTarget or cluster for which to classify the web page.
  2. Optimize your contentfor the relevant target keyword.
  3. Publish your content on your website.
  4. After a few days, confirm that Google understands the relevance of your content and shows it in the SERPs for relevant key phrases.

For example, we recently published a blog article comparing the accuracy and capabilities of different keyword tracking software. The blog has been optimized for the keyword "accurate SEO rank tracking".

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A few days after publication, we went to Google Search Console to confirm that Google understands the relevance of our content. We noticed that the blog got over a thousand impressions for our target keyword phrase “accurate SEO ranking tracking” as well as hundreds of additional impressions for around 256 short andLong-Tail-Keywordswith similar searchIntention.

How to use Google Search Console: 5 tricks to get more traffic (5)

Because Google Search Console updates keyword rankings daily, we were able to confirm within a few days that we had effectively optimized this content.

Once we know that the content is actually ranking for the relevant keywords, we can focus on other SEO factors to improve your position in those many searches.

If you find that your content isn't ranking highly (or not ranking at all) for the original target keywords you were targeting, it's likely that Google isn't perceiving the content as relevant to the target keyword or as not being of high quality. Here's what you can try:

  • Check your metadata: Make sure your page title, meta description and other meta tags are SEO friendly and contain your target keywords.
  • check the content: Focus on your titles and subtitles for keyword inclusion and enhance the content with more thematic depth and semantic richness
  • Use a content tool: A content tool can guide your writing process by suggesting meaningful terms to include in your content. Here are some tools you can try for free.LinkGraph,Kognitives SEO, orLSIGraph
  • Build your website authority: Your website may not have enough authority to rank in the SERPs. You may need some time to build your site's authorityBacklinking.

If you want the time and effort to create quality content to be worthwhile, it has to carry weight. That means you rank for relevant searches and earn impressions and organic traffic to your website. Google Search Console is the quickest and quickest way to confirm that your pages are really doing their part.

2. Make sure Google is crawling and indexing your web pages correctly

Before your web pages can rank for relevant searches, they need to be properly crawled and indexedSearch Engine Spider.

How to use Google Search Console: 5 tricks to get more traffic (6)

Google Search Console is the best way to see which of your pages have been indexed, when they were last crawled, and if Google has identified improvements like breadcrumbs or sitelinks that affect the look of the SERP result.

Why is this information so valuable for marketers and SEOs who want itIncrease your overall SEOPerfomance? A few reasons:

  1. If you doOnpage Optimizationsto a websiteGoogle algorithmonly evaluates these improvements during the next page crawl.Don't try to confirm the effectiveness of your optimizations until they are actually seen by Google!
  2. For sites with hundreds to thousands of lgoing pages, you could maximize your tracking budget.Make sure Google only crawls your most important pages by including robots tags"noindex, nofollow" directivesfor each low value page!
  3. Enhancements make your webpages more clickable on SERPs. When you add markup to your site to appear in certain expanded results,Confirm that your code is correct and that they actually appear in the SERPs!

If you want more control over which pages of your site Google promotes to searchers, you can also use Google Search Console to submit a sitemap. A sitemap tells Google which pages on your site are most important and therefore should be crawled and promoted the most.

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3. Fix technical and page performance issues

Relevant, quality content is not the only requirement forRanking on Google. Ötechnical performance of your websitestrongly influences Google's trust in your company and the perception of your visitors towards your company.

(Video) Analyzing drops in Google Search traffic - Google Search Console Training

Google crawlers want to see if your pages are responsive,fast chargingand provide a quality site experience to users who discover them through search.

How to use Google Search Console: 5 tricks to get more traffic (8)

Troubleshooting technical issues on your website can be a little daunting, especially if you don't have the most extensive knowledge of how to handle your website's backend. But Google Search Console simplifies this process, allowing site owners to identify and resolve any technical or page performance issues that might be affecting their rankings and keyword positions.

Google ranking algorithmweights the following signals to understand the quality of the overall website experience:

  • Key Elements of the Web: This includes website speed,loading time, interactivity and visual stability of your web pages.
  • mobile usability: WeilMobile-first indexing, Google likes responsive, fast-loading and high-performing websites on mobile devices.
  • Security: Websites must provide safe navigation and be secure for users.
  • HTTPS: HTTPS is more secure than HTTP. Many URLs with HTTP protocols can result in poorer SEO performance due to lack of encryption

If your web pages suffer in any of the above areas, Google will let you know in the Experience feature of your Google Search Console account. They tell you what problems they found on which websites.

For example, this site has over 109 landing pages that Google considers to be a low-quality page experience. If that site doesn't fix these technical issues, it's unlikely that their overall SEO performance - and therefore their organic traffic - will improve.

How to use Google Search Console: 5 tricks to get more traffic (9)

If you're seeing similar Page Experience metrics in your own Google Search Console account, consider taking the following steps:

  • Identify the specific web page that was flagged and the type of error reported.
  • Please send this information to your web developer or someone else who will try to solve the problem in the back end of your website.
  • Once the issue is resolved, confirm that the issue is resolved by using the "Validate Fix" feature in your Google Search Console account.

    How to use Google Search Console: 5 tricks to get more traffic (10)

  • You must obtain confirmation of your validation submission. It will take approximately 28 days for Google to confirm that the issue is resolved.

How to use Google Search Console: 5 tricks to get more traffic (11)

It is important to identify and resolve technical and page performance issues as quickly as possible. While other tools are available to troubleshoot on-page experience issues, Google Search Console offers the most direct guidance on where to focus your efforts.

make sure you walkSEO-Auditsregularly to make sure everything is looking good under the hood of your website.

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4. Run SEO A/B tests using Google Search Console's daily ranking tracking

Once you know that your web pages are ranking for relevant keywords and that your site's performance, security and usability meet Google standards, you can use Google Search Console to do thisA/B-Testsspecific tweaks to try and improve your average positions for all your keywords.

With daily keyword tracking in Google Search Console, you can quickly confirm that these optimizations have been successful.

Follow these steps to run an A/B test in Google Search Console:

  1. Choose the page you want to test and the specific variant you want to test.Do not test more than one variant, or it's difficult to pinpoint what drove better rankings, impressions, or organic traffic
  2. Do your optimization for your page (be it page title, internal links, web design, meta description, etc.)
  3. wait 7-10 days
  4. Log into Google Search Console to see if the page has improved in terms of impressions, average position, clicks or CTR

For example, my content team was trying to improve overall keyword rankings for a piecelong-form contenton our website, increasing the word count and depth of content. Our writers have improved the page's word count from around 1,500 to over 4,000.

The content was updated on the website on December 29, 2020. Here are the Google Search Console landing page metrics for the last six months.

How to use Google Search Console: 5 tricks to get more traffic (12)

It's clear that Google has reacted to our content changes. In seven days, our impressions improved by 420% and our average position increased by more than 20 positions. As a result, we changed the same variant (content size) on other pages of our site and saw similar results.

While Google Search Console makes it easy to quickly review the results of your A/B tests, there's no way to track changes to your site within the platform. To track your optimizations and Google metrics in the same tool, try keyword rank tracking tools that have SEO A/B testing features such as:GSC informationorScientific classification.

How to use Google Search Console: 5 tricks to get more traffic (13)

SEO A/B-Test-Tracking in Google Search Console Insights

Google Search Console is the best way to narrow down the optimizations in yoursSEO-Testactually lead to improved rankings and impressions. You can then redeploy these tweaks to other pages on your site.

How to Use Google Search Console to Improve SEO [Recap]

As mentioned above, every relevant keyword query represents a new opportunity for your business to acquire real customers and customers. And when it comes to iterating on your own site and understanding if your SEO strategy is on track, the accuracy and breadth of Google Search Console data is unmatched by any other tool.

While Google maintains tight control over their ranking algorithms, they communicate very clearly through Google Search Console on where to focus your efforts in order to increase your overall search performance. Analyzing this data and using it as a roadmap is one of the best strategies you can employImproving your online visibility.

If you're not actively using your Google Search Console account, you won't have a complete picture of where your site currently stands.

(Video) 10 Google Search Console Technical SEO Hacks [2023]

So here is the summary of how to use Google Search Consolethe right wayTo take advantage of its benefits:

  1. Confirm within days that Google is associating your content with the keyword you are targeting so you can implement tactics to increase your position in even more searches.
  2. Prioritize the most important pages that Google should crawl so your landing pages can rank faster and display rich results.
  3. Troubleshoot and resolve on-page experience issues with direct guidance from Google Search Console.
  4. Run SEO tests and quickly find out which optimizations were successful so you can roll them out to other pages.

About the author

Manick Bhan is Founder and CTO ofLinkGraph, an award-winning SEO and digital marketing agency. Through his agency work, thought leadership andRode, he helps brands of all sizes grow their digital presence. you can follow him@crazy.


How do I increase traffic in Google Search Console? ›

We talked to 100+ marketers and here are some of the best Google Search Console SEO tips that they shared.
  1. Use Search Console for Keyword Research.
  2. Check Your Average Position for Specific Queries.
  3. Check for Website Coverage Issues.
  4. Identify Crawl Errors and Unindexable Pages.
  5. Optimize Your Website Pages for Mobile Search.
Jan 25, 2023

What is Google Search Console used to improve? ›

Google Search Console is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site's presence in Google Search results. You don't have to sign up for Search Console to be included in Google Search results, but Search Console helps you understand and improve how Google sees your site.

Does Google Search Console Help SEO? ›

You can't use Google Search Console to directly make changes to your site, but you can use it to submit pages to the Google index, to verify that your site's URLs are healthy, and to check for errors across your domain property. For SEO in particular Search Console is a good tool for adjusting strategy.

How do I dominate Google search? ›

12 Strategies to Dominate Google in 2022 With Better SEO
  1. Target Long-tail Keywords. ...
  2. Use Keywords in Alt Text for Images. ...
  3. Use Keywords in Headers. ...
  4. Focus on Great UX. ...
  5. Include Multiple Media Types. ...
  6. Use Internal Links. ...
  7. Focus on “Top of the Funnel” Keyword Phrases. ...
  8. Eliminate Spammy Backlinks.

What is the best CTR for Google Search Console? ›

You can use the 31.7% CTR as a good benchmark to analyze your current efforts, even if you're not at the top of the search queries yet. For comparison, here are the average organic CTRs for the top 5 links: 31.73% 24.71%

What is a good average position in Google search console? ›

Average Position: The average ranking of your website URLs for the query or queries. For example, if your site's URL appeared at position 3 for one query and position 7 for another query, the average position would be 5 ((3+7)/2). CTR: Click-through rate, calculated as Clicks / Impressions * 100.

How can I improve my Google Search engine optimization? ›

  1. Make your site interesting and useful.
  2. Know what your readers want (and give it to them)
  3. Act in a way that cultivates user trust.
  4. Make expertise and authoritativeness clear.
  5. Provide an appropriate amount of content for your subject.
  6. Avoid distracting advertisements.
  7. Use links wisely.

Is Google Search Console worth it? ›

It is the best platform! Google Search Console is a go-to tool for every SEO to check ranking, CTR, and traffic data on a daily basis. It is also the most accurate data source to check organic traffic.

What improves search engine optimization? ›

Improve your search engine rankings
  • About search engine optimisation.
  • Understand your online customers.
  • Use keywords on your website.
  • Refresh your page content often.
  • Gain referrals from other websites.
  • Use meta tags in your content.
  • Stay up to date on the latest SEO techniques.
Mar 7, 2023

How do I get Google to crawl my website? ›

Submit a sitemap (many URLs at once)

A sitemap is an important way for Google to discover URLs on your site. It can be very helpful if you just launched your site or recently performed a site move. A sitemap can also include additional metadata about alternate language versions, video, image, or news-specific pages.

Which is better Google Analytics or Google Search Console? ›

Despite their similarities, however, they aren't the same. Google Search Console helps you monitor your website's performance generally and in search engine results. Google Analytics helps you learn more about your users, including who they are, how they found you, and how they interact with your website.

What data can you gather from Google Search Console? ›

You can see data like user queries and the number of times your site URLs appear in search results (impressions), along with post-click data about site engagement like bounce rate and ecommerce conversion rate. This combination of data helps you optimize your site for the most profitable traffic.

Does CTR improve SEO? ›

Click-through rate is important for SEO, in more than one way. First, you want people to click-through to your site when they see any impression – an ad, a SERP result, an email, whatever. That's the point of the experience, to get people to click through and engage with your content.

Is a 5% CTR good on Google Ads? ›

The average CTR for Google Ads should fall somewhere between 3 and 5% – most marketers consider that good. However, many companies have their average CTR for Google Ads much higher. A few rare businesses even have a CTR of 50% or more.

Does CTR help SEO? ›

Click-through rate (CTR) does not directly impact SEO, but it is a valuable metric for understanding the performance and health of your website. The goal of SEO is to get more people to click on your page, CTR can indicate how well your website is doing in terms of SEO and user engagement.

How accurate is Google console? ›

Hypothesis. We believe that for most keywords, the ranking data shown in Google Search Console is reasonably accurate (i.e. within one ranking position) for most queries.

How do I rank high in Google local search? ›

How to improve your local ranking on Google
  1. Enter complete data. Local results favor the most relevant results for each search. ...
  2. Verify your locations. ...
  3. Keep your hours accurate. ...
  4. Manage & respond to reviews. ...
  5. Add photos. ...
  6. Add in-store products. ...
  7. Relevance. ...
  8. Distance.

What is difference between clicks and impressions? ›

Impressions: How often someone saw a link to your site on Google. Depending on the result type, the link might need to be scrolled or expanded into view. See more details below. Clicks: How often someone clicked a link from Google to your site.

What techniques can you use to improve search results? ›

Follow these suggestions to improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results.
  • Publish Relevant, Authoritative Content. ...
  • Update Your Content Regularly. ...
  • Metadata. ...
  • Have a link-worthy site. ...
  • Use alt tags.

What are the 4 types of SEO? ›

Explore the four types of SEO and learn how to optimize your site.
  • On-page SEO. Our Beginners Guide to SEO outlines the basics of search engine optimization, and on-page SEO is one of the easiest and most common ways to boost site visibility. ...
  • Off-page SEO. ...
  • Local SEO. ...
  • Technical SEO.
Jan 5, 2023

Is Google Search Console just organic traffic? ›

Google Search Console only shows organic traffic. It includes all types of data sets except impressions. You can monitor this traffic by making an account on Search Console and linking it with your Google Ads account. After this step, access the organic report for your text ads beside your performance statistics.

How long does it take for Google Search Console to work? ›

It can take time for Google to index your page; allow at least a week after submitting a sitemap or a submit to index request before assuming a problem. If your page or site change is recent, check back in a week to see if it is still missing.

What is the difference between webmaster and Google Search Console? ›

Bing Webmaster and Google Search Console both help users track and improve search performance. The biggest difference between the two is that Bing Webmaster helps businesses improve their performance with Bing's search engine, while Google Search Console helps users improve their performance on Google's search engine.

What is the most common goal of search engine optimization? ›

The goal of performing SEO on any given webpage is to improve the quality of your content, so search engines will choose to list your content within search results. By improving and expanding your website's content, you will increase the quantity of traffic that your web content receives from search engines each day.

How to do indexing? ›

Click where you want to add the index. On the References tab, in the Index group, click Insert Index. In the Index dialog box, you can choose the format for text entries, page numbers, tabs, and leader characters.

How to do Google indexing? ›

To see which pages on your site are in the Google index, you can do a Google Web Search for "". If you want more pages included in the Google index, use the Google Search Console to submit indexing requests. These requests will change the index for both Google search and your search engine.

What do you mean by indexing? ›

Indexing, broadly, refers to the use of some benchmark indicator or measure as a reference or yardstick. In finance and economics, indexing is used as a statistical measure for tracking economic data such as inflation, unemployment, gross domestic product (GDP) growth, productivity, and market returns.

What is the most preferred search engine? ›

Google. With over 80% of the search market share, Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine. Additionally, Google captures almost 95% of mobile traffic.

Why don t Google Search Console and Google Analytics match? ›

Definition Of Search Is Different

A major cause of the discrepancy between Google Analytics and Search Console is that they both measure search traffic differently. What Analytics calls search traffic is different from what Search Console calls search traffic.

What makes Google the best search engine? ›

Speed. Google is generally quicker than the other search engines at bringing back results. It is able to deliver millions of results in 0.19 of a second. This is down to their technical infrastructure, which is much better than the other engines.

Does Search Console use cookies? ›

You can also use Google's Search Console to get a sense of traffic. Because Search Console does not use cookies the way Analytics does, and because it doesn't personal data about users, it's not impeded by laws about cookies.

Does Google Search Console backfill data? ›

Google Search Console collects live data only. Backfilling and database storage are not available for this connector.

What does Google Search Console Crawl do? ›

The Crawl Stats report shows you statistics about Google's crawling history on your website. For instance, how many requests were made and when, what your server response was, and any availability issues encountered. You can use this report to detect whether Google encounters serving problems when crawling your site.

What is the purpose of Google Search Console crawl? ›

The Crawl Stats report shows you statistics about Google's crawling history on your website. For instance, how many requests were made and when, what your server response was, and any availability issues encountered. You can use this report to detect whether Google encounters serving problems when crawling your site.

What are the benefits of linking Google Search Console to Google Analytics? ›

The most important benefit of linking Google Analytics with Google Search Console is the additional data you can see about traffic from organic search in your Google Analytics reports.

What does Search Console do in Google Analytics? ›

The Search Console reports in Analytics provide information about the performance of your organic-search traffic.

What are the benefits of linking Search Console to Google Analytics? ›

The integration with Search Console lets you analyze organic search related to your site. You can, for example, see where you site is ranked in search results, which queries lead to clicks, and how those clicks translate to user behavior, like which landing pages engage users more and how many users convert.

How do I trigger a Google crawl? ›

Use the URL Inspection tool (just a few URLs)

To request a crawl of individual URLs, use the URL Inspection tool. You must be an owner or full user of the Search Console property to be able to request indexing in the URL Inspection tool.

What is Google crawling and indexing? ›

Crawling: Google downloads text, images, and videos from pages it found on the internet with automated programs called crawlers. Indexing: Google analyzes the text, images, and video files on the page, and stores the information in the Google index, which is a large database.

What is the difference between Google Analytics and Google console? ›

Google Analytics is user-oriented, providing data related to those who visit and interact with your website. Google Search Console, on the other hand, is search-engine focused, providing tools and insights that can help site owners improve visibility and presence in the SERPs.

What are the benefits of Google indexing? ›

If your site is one of the main sources of conversions for your business, figuring out how to get your site ranking on the first page of Google is crucial. Proper website indexing allows search engines to see all of your important pages and gives your site a major boost. It can even send you on your way to page one.

What is CTR in Google Search Console? ›

Clickthrough rate (CTR) can be used to gauge how well your keywords and ads, and free listings, are performing. CTR is the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown: clicks ÷ impressions = CTR.

What is bounce rate in Google Search Console? ›

Bounce Rate which tells you if people are navigating beyond the landing page. For example, a 50% bounce rate for a search query tells you that half of people head back to the Google search results page (or close their browser) and the other half of people go on to view at least one more page on your website.

How should we link Search Console with Google Analytics? ›

Sign in to your Analytics account. Click Admin, and navigate to the property in which you want to enable Search Console data sharing. In the PROPERTY column, click Property Settings. Scroll down to Search Console Settings.

What is the benefit of search button? ›

A Search Bar Lets Users Find Things Faster

If they can't find a reasonable place to go next, they'll turn to your search function. No matter where each user enters your site, a search bar will give them the option to find particular topics or pages fast. Just make sure that the search bar is easy to find.

Why should I submit a sitemap to a Google Search Console? ›

Search engines like Google read this file to crawl your site more efficiently. A sitemap tells Google which pages and files you think are important in your site, and also provides valuable information about these files. For example, when the page was last updated and any alternate language versions of the page.

What is the difference between Google Search Console URL and site? ›

Notice the difference? Site impression provides you with an accurate query, while URL impressions will provide you with the Landing Page. You'll have access to both these data aggregation methods. However, a single data source can only use one of these.


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