Top 10 Topps Baseball Cards To Buy In 2023 (2023)

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Baseball is an American pastime synonymous with sports baseballThe cards are believed to be the oldest type of sports trading card. The first baseball cards are believed to have been printed in the 1860s.

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The Best Topps Baseball Cards of All Time

most expensive in history

#10. 1955 Topps Arena Koufax #123

#9. 1952 Topps # 1 Andy Pavko

#8. 1954 Topps #128 Hank Aaron RC

#7. 1956 Tops Mickey's Cape #135

#6. 1952 Topps Willie Mays RC #261

#5. 1955 Topps #164 Roberto Clemente RC

#4. 1953 Topps #82 Mickey's Mantle RC

#3。 1968 年 Topps #177 Nolan Ryan RC

#2. 1963 Topps # 537 Pete Ross RC


#1. 1952 Topps #311 Mickey's Mantle RC

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Which Topps baseball cards are the most valuable?

What are the best value Topps baseball cards?

Do you have any valuable 1989 Topps baseball cards?

What is the value of baseball cards born in the 80s and 90s?

When Gallup began recording statistics in 1937, Americans ranked baseball as their favorite sport. Baseball was the most popular sport in America until American football became America's top sport of choice in the early 1960s.

It's no surprise that today's most expensive baseball cards are decades old (more than a century in the case of the iconic Honus Wagner cards).

The Honus Wagner T206 leads the business card market. T206 Wagner, printed in 1909, last sold for $3.12 million in 2016.

trend:Mike Trout's Best Rookie Cards

Unlike other sports, the value of baseball poker is in many cases tied to the age of the cards.

If you can find an old baseball card with a great player in good condition, it has what it takes to become a valuable item. That goes for the most expensive Topps baseball card ever made.

Topps cards have a rich history dating back to 1938 Brooklyn. What started out as a gum brand grew into a "Photo Card" brand and eventually became one of the most respected sports card brands in the game.

The Best Topps Baseball Cards of All Time

Let's take a look at Topps' best baseball cards from an investment standpoint, the top ten cards with the most significant long-term ROI (return on investment).

#1. 1952 Tops Mickey's Cape #311

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

#2. 1956 Topus Roberto Clemente #33

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

#3. 1952 ToppsEddie Matthews #407

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

#4. 1955 Topps Arena Koufax #123

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

#5. 1954 Topps Hank (Henry) Aaron #128

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

#6。 Topps Update 2011 Black Mike Trout #US175

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

(Video) 2023 Topps Series 1— Top 10 Rookies To Look For And Invest In

#7. 1953 Topps Willie mayos #244

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

#8. 1953 Tops Mickey's Cape #82

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

#9. 1986 Topps intercambia Tiffany Barry Bonds #11T

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

#10. 2018 Chrome Topps Ronald Acuna Reflex Car #RA

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

most expensive in history

Topps noted that 1952 was the first year of the "modern baseball card era." It's no coincidence that our list of the most expensive Topps baseball cards (read below: 1991 Topps baseball cards) dates back to around 1952.

#10. 1955 Topps Arena Koufax #123

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

One of the best pitchers in the world, if not the best (Bob Gibson has something to say about that).

#9. 1952 Topps # 1 Andy Pavko

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

Andy Pafko is one of the lesser known names on this list. However, he proves that when it comes to the value of a baseball card, name recognition isn't the most important thing.

To be clear, Pafko is not far behind. He has over 1,700 career hits from him and 213 career home runs from him. However, 1952 Topps #1 Andy Pafko is important because it is the first card in the set. PSA calls this card "the biggest No. 1 card of the postwar era."

The cards themselves are fine, but nothing particularly memorable. Pavko smiled for the camera in his white Brooklyn Dodgers uniform and matching blue cap.

The iconic early Topps nameplate sits at the bottom of the card and contains the plain text "Andy Pafko" along with a printed version of his signature.

Finding the Mint Topps #1 Pafko was extremely difficult. The card's retail price (six figures) reflects the rarity and iconic nature of the card. Because, let's be honest, the name Pafko is not the reason this guy is on this list.

#8. 1954 Topps #128 Hank Aaron RC

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

Top 10 Topps Baseball Cards To Buy In 2023 (1)

Even the average baseball fan shouldn't be surprised when Hank Aaron's name appears on this list. His recent passing has drawn some fitting tributes, but Aaron has always been honored. Baseball purists and lovers of baseball cards give the name Aaron due respect.

When it comes to cards, respect translates to resale value.

Even if this card belongs to a low-level player, it is worth collecting. The design is iconic, with Aaron's face printed across the center right section of the card.

The orange background is behind the old Milwaukee Braves logo in the upper left corner. A small black and white image of Aaron throwing a bocce occupies the bottom left of the card.

Copies of this card classified as Lesser or better generally run into the six figures.

#7. 1956 Tops Mickey's Cape #135

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

According to PSA, this 1956 Topps Mickey Mantle #135 last sold for $360,000.

There are only four known Gem Mint editions of this card in circulation, and with demand for vintage Mantles in mint condition always high, its future value is limitless.

1956 was not a typical season for Mick. He won the Triple Crown with 52 home runs, a .353 average and 130 RBIs. For Mitch's sake, these are numbers on steroids!

Unlike most baseball cards of the time, this one was designed with a landscape orientation. On the right is Mantle's headshot, showing Mantle's New York smile and blue eyes.

On the left side of the card is Mantle leaning against a sea of ​​fans to save a throw-in. Below this image is a facsimile signature in black ink. You thought Mickey was just a bat...

Mint Mantles are one of the most valuable baseball cards you can own. Cards from this era get damaged frequently, and being able to keep this card intact is a windfall.

Of course, protecting it will also cost you a windfall.

#6. 1952 Topps Willie Mays RC #261

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

(Video) 2023 Topps Series 2 — Top 15 Rookies To Look For And Collect

Continuing the trend of expensive rookie cards from the Topps 1952 line, we have the 1952 Topps #261 Willie Mays RC.

In this signature style, Mays is shown with only half his torso up. Mace, even a rookie, looks like a seasoned vet, scowling at the camera. He wears a Big Blue cap with "New York" emblazoned in orange.

Like the other rookie cards in the series, Mays' RC includes a white nameplate with a black and yellow border.

His laser-printed signature sits below the printed text of his name, while the Giants logo sits in the upper left corner of the nameplate.

For the collector looking for an investment that is almost guaranteed to appreciate over time, you can do much better thanWillie Mays RCin good shape.

#5. 1955 Topps #164 Roberto Clemente RC

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

Roberto Clemente, one of the most iconic players to wear a Major League Baseball uniform, was the first Latino player to be inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1973.

His tragic death in a plane crash only added to the mystique of Clement, who was known as a philanthropic force off the field and as a ruler on the diamond.

1955 tapas #164Roberto Clemente Rookie CardOne of the most coveted pieces of all collectors. It features the head of Clemente, his movie star, smiling in a pirate batting helmet. Sitting on his left shoulder is a smaller image of Clemente at bat.

A swaggering pirate logo occupies the top right corner of the card, along with a fake signature. An all-new version of this card typically fetches at least $300,000, with drawings for more.

#4. 1953 Topps #82 Mickey's Mantle RC

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

When it comes to valuable baseball rookie cards, Mantle is a name that consistently appears near the top of the list. Mickey Mantle would have the most expensive baseball card if it weren't for a guy named Honus Wagner (more on that later).

1953 Topps #82 Mickey Mantle RC shows a hand-drawn image of Mantle with blue eyes fixed up and to the left, wearing his dark blue Yankee hat. The stadium backdrop frames Mantle's image and could easily double as a poster for a James Dean movie.

At the bottom of the card is a red plaque with Mantle's name, team, and title. The Yankee logo is located to the right of the nameplate.

Got a few hundred thousand dollars and yearning for one of the most iconic playing cards of all time? Here is the card for you.

#3。 1968 年 Topps #177 Nolan Ryan RC

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

Top 10 Topps Baseball Cards To Buy In 2023 (2)

It's unlikely we'll ever see Lynn Nolan Ryan, Jr.'s career again. He has an MLB record 27 seasons with the Mets, Angels, Astros and Rangers.

Do you know what kind of filth you have to possess to be a pitcher for 27 seasons in Major League Baseball?nolan ryan-Rate unpleasant things, that is.

Former two-time MVP Dale Murphy has said that Nolan Ryan is the only pitcher he starts to worry about two days before facing him. You're right, his rookie card is excellent.

His 1968 Topps RC #177 has Ryan's sharp jaw, alongside rookie pitcher Jerry Koosman. I'm sorry, Jerry, but we're on the Ryan Express.

The players wore white striped jerseys and blue caps embroidered with the orange "New York" Mets logo, which the team still wears today.

As you'd expect from a 1968 baseball card, this card is surprisingly straightforward.

There is a rounded rectangular border around the player image. Each has a black and white nameplate, and "1968 Rookie Stars" appears above their photo in red lettering.

Flash or not, a Nolan Ryan rookie card is a Nolan Ryan rookie card. Even while sharing the spotlight with fucking Jerry Koosman.

In August 2020, a Gem Mint copy of this special card sold for $500,000. Its sticker price has since doubled.

#2. 1963 Topps # 537 Pete Ross RC

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

The 1963 Topps Pete Rose RC #537 was more than just a Pete Rose rookie card. It also features Pedro Gonzales, Ken McMullen and Al Weis.

When these cards were printed, the makers didn't always know who would become Charlie Hustle and who would get stuck in Al Weis' place.

(Video) The 20 Most Valuable Baseball Cards of the 1980s

As you know, Pete Rose became Charlie Hustle. Also, he is the all-time leader in the Major Leagues with 4,256 hits.

Not only is it a valuable card, but it's also fun. It has a floating head effect, with the domes of the four players centered on a red circular background.

The yellow background contrasts with those red circles. A white border leads to a light blue rectangle at the top. Inside the rectangle is "1963 Rookie Star" in plain white text.

Wearing a red and white Cincinnati Reds "C" cap, Ross has a youthful look, perfect for a high school team (or a bunch of floaties).

There is only one known Gem Mint version of this card. Its last known sale price was more than $700,000, according to PSA.

Your next known sale price will be higher. You don't have to be Peter Ross to gamble.

#1. 1952 Topps #311 Mickey's Mantle RC

Where to buy:electronicbAYeah

It can't be overstated: When he talks about trading card investing, Mantle is money. without any exaggeration.

It has been proven to be one of the two or three most valuable baseball cards on the planet, the highest level edition1952 Topps #311 Mickey's capeRC is priced in the millions of dollars.

The card shows Mantle with both hands on his bat, the bat resting on his right shoulder and looking away over his right shoulder.

The imagery and simplicity of this colorful photo is stunning. Autographed on a white nameplate with signature yellow and black Topps detailing.

There is something striking about this rare and expensive card. Apparently, this rock-solid card investment also appeals to wallets.

our favorites

1986 Top Baseball

Highlighted cards:Barry Bonds #117/#11T,Bo Jackson #50T,Nolan Ryan #100

Where to buy the 1986 Topps Hobby Box:electronicbAYeah

1987 Top Baseball

Highlighted cards:Barry Bonds #320,Tony Gwynn #2,Greg Maddux #70T,Bo Jackson #170

Where to buy the 1986 Topps Hobby Box: electronicbAYeah

Top 10 Topps Baseball Cards To Buy In 2023 (3)

Topps Update 2011/Chrome Baseball

Highlighted cards:Mike Trout #US275,Freddie Freeman #173

Where to buy 2011 Topps baseball cases: electronicbAYeah

investment prospects

From Mantle to Aaron to even Pafko, old age is a good thing to invest in baseball cards.

Baseball cards from the 1950s are generally rare, as very few vintage cards are held in or even around the best shape.

Without a doubt, the most valuable Topps cards ever created are from that era, with the exception of a Mickey Mantle card printed in 1961.

Each of these cards has shown great appreciation over time, making them an expensive but reasonable investment for any card collector who can justify the purchase price.

Which Topps baseball cards are the most valuable?

The most valuable Topps baseball cards are the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle Rookie card (1 card), the 1953 Topps Mickey Mantle Rookie card (2 cards), and the 1955 Topps Roberto Clemente Rookie card (3 cards).

What are the best value Topps baseball cards?

The most valuable Topps baseball card is a 1952 Mickey Mantle Topps rookie card, which sold in February 2021 for $5.2 million.

Do you have any valuable 1989 Topps baseball cards?

The most valuable 1989 Topps baseball card is the 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Topps Traded #41T Rookie Card. In February 2021, the card sold via eBay auction for $9,700.

What is the value of baseball cards born in the 80s and 90s?

There are thousands of baseball cards from the '80s and '90s, but our favorites in terms of ROI are the 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck Rookie Card #1 and the 1987 Barry Bonds O-Pee-Chee OPC Rookie Card #320. .

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What baseball cards are valuable in 2023? ›

Reigning National League Rookie of the Year, Michael Harris II is one of the top 2023 Topps Baseball Rookie Cards. Others with the RC logo badge include Gunnar Henderson, Riley Greene, Adley Rutschman (who also has a base card in 2021 Bowman's Best), Christopher Morel, Gabriel Moreno, Bret Baty and JJ Bleday.

What is the best baseball rookie card to invest in 2023? ›

Last year's NL Rookie of the Year, Michael Harris, headlines the Topps rookie class at the start of the 2023 season. He is joined by Gunnar Henderson, Riley Greene, Adley Rustchman, Christopher Morel, Gabriel Moreno, Bret Baty and JJ Bleday.

What cards to collect in 2023? ›

We'll cover some top athletes and which cards to look for when scouting out the best sports cards to invest in 2023.
  • Mickey Mantle cards. Chart tracking price of assets similar to SGC 7 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle card. ...
  • Honus Wagner cards. ...
  • Luka Dončić rookie cards. ...
  • Mike Trout cards. ...
  • Ronald Acuna Jr.

What should I look for in 2023 Topps baseball? ›

2023 Topps Series 1 Baseball Relics / Auto Relics

Look for Hobby-exclusive manufactured relics that average one per HTA Jumbo box or one per Hobby case. City Connect Patch has hat logos for 30 top names, while Patchwork of the Past opts for a throwback style covering 25 current stars with retro team logos.

What is the hottest baseball card right now? ›

Best baseball card packs to buy right now
  • 2022 Bowman Baseball. Bowman is a big name when it comes to baseball cards, and their 2022 collection is in high demand. ...
  • 2022 Topps Heritage. ...
  • 2022 Topps Inception. ...
  • 2022 Bowman First Edition. ...
  • 2022 Topps Gypsy Queen. ...
  • 2022 Topps Series 1. ...
  • 2022 Topps Opening Day.
Jan 6, 2023

Will baseball cards continue to increase in value? ›

The price of the Mantle card suggests the market for baseball cards is quite healthy and will likely remain so well into the future. "The old vintage items are going to continue to increase in price and value and some of the new superstars that are going to come up in value,” said Gonzales.

What time of year is best to buy baseball cards? ›

For baseball card enthusiasts, though, the buying season is on deck. For collectors and investors alike, the best times to buy baseball cards are during the offseason and Spring Training.

Is it smart to invest in baseball cards? ›

Are sports cards a good investment? Sports cards can be a good investment, but the majority of your investments should be in traditional vehicles like the stock market. Investing in sports cards can be a way to monetize your hobby.

What MLB rookie cards to invest in? ›

Grab These MLB Rookie Cards Before These Hitters Have Their...
  • Harrison Bader 2016 Bowman Chrome Prospect Auto. Harrison Bader broke in with the St. ...
  • Riley Greene 2019 Bowman Chrome Draft. ...
  • Oneil Cruz 2022 Absolute Kaboom. ...
  • Vaughn Grissom 2020 Bowman Chrome Prospect Auto.
Feb 24, 2023

What cards should you carry at all times? ›

Here's my recommendation for what to keep in your wallet:
  • Your driver's license.
  • Copy of your health insurance card.
  • Copy of your automobile insurance card.
  • Copy of your car registration.
  • Copy of your Medicare card (with all but the last four digits blacked out)
  • One or two credit cards.
  • Your identification card for work.
Nov 5, 2019

What is the best baseball card to collect for profit? ›

The most valuable brand of baseball card can vary depending on the specific card, however, Topps is generally the most constantly valuable baseball card brand. Topps is considered the leader of the industry, and rookie cards produced by Topps are often very highly sought after.

What year of Topps baseball cards are worth the most? ›

1. 1952 Topps Willie Mays #261. A 1952 Topps Willie Mays card fetched $478,000 at auction in May 2016. The 1952 Topps Willie Mays card is one of the most important and valuable post-war sports cards—capturing the on-field accomplishments of one of baseball's GOATs.

What are the most sought after new baseball cards? ›

Several factors contribute to their value, including rare Relic cards and Short Prints or Variations. Some of the most valuable cards to invest in include those of Wander Franco, Brandon Marsh, Shohei Ohtani, and Mike Trout, with their potential for a significant return on investment.

How to identify Topps short prints 2023? ›

Take a look at the FRONT of the card above. You can see that the Topps logo in the upper right of the Soto card is SILVER. The short print cards will be GOLD. If you turn the card over, right above the number, you'll also see the letters SSP.

Who are the hottest rookies in baseball right now? ›

Top 20 MLB Rookies For 2023
  • Gunnar Henderson. Team: Orioles Age: 22 Pos: 3B/SS. ...
  • Corbin Carroll. Team: D-backs Age: 22 Pos: OF. ...
  • Kodai Senga. Team: Mets Age: 30 Pos: RHP. ...
  • Jordan Walker. Team: Cardinals Age: 21 Pos: OF. ...
  • Grayson Rodriguez. Team: Orioles Age: 23 Pos: RHP. ...
  • Miguel Vargas. ...
  • Triston Casas. ...
  • Josh Jung.
Mar 24, 2023

Is baseball card collecting still popular? ›

Baseball card collecting has remained a popular hobby among baseball fans. An estimated 950 million baseball cards have been produced over the years. Most estimates place the number of collectors at around 1 million.

What is Julio Rodriguez rookie card? ›

2022 Topps Series 2 1987 Topps Baseball Autographs Julio Rodriguez #87BA-JRO. This is the first live Julio Rodriguez autograph card available in packs following his MLB debut. Signed on-card, it's fashioned after the often-used 1987 Topps Baseball design.

Is it worth keeping common baseball cards? ›

Even common cards (those of non-star players) can be worth major money depending on which card it is. These are typically cases where a card has a rare printing error or it was pulled early from production for some reason and not many survived.

Will Topps make baseball cards in 2023? ›

After releasing its first major Topps set alongside the start of the 2023 MLB season, Fanatics has some big changes planned to increase excitement and value for card collectors, including around highly touted rookie cards.

Do baseball cards lose value over time? ›

Many new collectors entered (or re-entered) the hobby. At that time, card prices increased multiple times. The values of baseball cards peaked in the early 1990's and then decreased by 10% to 30% over the next few years. Since that time, the card values have been relatively flat.

When should I sell my baseball cards? ›

For example, the best time to sell NFL football cards is during the months of September through January the next year. Then, best time to sell your MLB cards would be starting with April and up to October.

How do you know if a baseball card is good? ›

Specialists appraise baseball cards based on numerous factors, including overall condition, rarity, scarcity, grading, print variation, print quality, and, of course, the person featured on the card. Combined, these characteristics can determine the price and worth of a baseball card.

What to look for when buying sports cards? ›

Identifying the Most Valuable Sports Cards
  • Quickly Examine the Condition of the Cards. Nick Tylwalk. ...
  • Check the Age of the Cards. Nick Tylwalk. ...
  • Look for Recent Autographs. Nick Tylwalk. ...
  • Look for Older or Multi-Color Memorabilia Cards. Nick Tylwalk. ...
  • Locate Possible Rookie Cards. ...
  • Find Any Cards With Low Print Runs. ...
  • of 07.
Feb 13, 2019

Are Ken Griffey Jr cards worth anything? ›

Ken Griffey Jr.'s baseball cards from the junk wax era are in high demand, but their massive print runs have limited their investment value. Among the most valuable are the 1989 Bowman Tiffany, 1989 Topps Heads Up, and 1989 Upper Deck Star Rookie cards.

Are any baseball cards from the 80s and 90s worth anything? ›

Most valuable baseball cards from the 80s and 90s include Rickey Henderson, Derek Jeter, Barry Bonds, and Frank Thomas. Baseball cards were collectibles that featured the image and performance of a player. These cards were also called sports trading cards and had a famous market in the 20th Century.

Should I save my baseball cards? ›

One of the mistakes that card collectors make when they retire is that they throw away their old cards. Instead of doing this, you and other collectors can benefit if you decide to sell baseball cards rather than throw them away.

What is the most popular trading cards? ›

21 Sports Cards and Trading Cards That Helped Shape the Hobby in 2021
  • 2020 Topps Now USA Election Bernie Sanders #21. ...
  • 2020-21 Hoops SLAM Kobe Bryant #19. ...
  • 2021 Topps Update Ultra Rare Variations Fernando Tatis Jr. ...
  • 2021 Topps Now Baseball Wander Franco #402. ...
  • 2019-20 Upper Deck The Cup Cale Makar Auto Patch #62 /99.
Jan 10, 2022

What Mark McGwire cards are worth money? ›

Top Mark McGwire Rookie Cards
  • 1987 Topps #366 Mark McGwire by Topps from 1987 with a value of approx. $1.0.
  • 1985 Topps #401 Mark McGwire by Topps from 1985 with a value of approx. $8.0.
  • 1988 Topps #580 Mark McGwire by Topps from 1988 with a value of approx. $1.99.

What is the most sought after rookie card? ›

1. Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps. It's believed there are only three PSA 10 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle rookie cards that exist, making it the most valuable rookie card of all time, in any sport.

What is the luckiest card in playing cards? ›

The Ace of Spades (also known as the Spadille and Death Card) is traditionally the highest and most valued card in the deck of playing cards in English-speaking countries. The actual value of the card varies from game to game.

How many cards should I own? ›

Credit bureaus suggest that five or more accounts — which can be a mix of cards and loans — is a reasonable number to build toward over time. Having very few accounts can make it hard for scoring models to render a score for you.

What is a Mark McGwire rookie card worth? ›

1. 1985 Topps Tiffany Mark McGwire Rookie Card #401. The USA Olympic team subset 1985 Topps Tiffany Mark McGwire card #401 is one of the most sought-after cards, fetching up to $30,000.

How can you tell if a Topps baseball card is rare? ›

It's become quite common with modern card releases to see limited card sets include the number on the design – this is obviously an easy way to establish the rarity of a sports card. Many card manufacturers will also release details on the print run for print-to-demand card sets.

How to find rare Topps cards? ›

Some of the most common places to find rare baseball cards online are eBay, Craigslist, individual baseball card sites, and so on.

What baseball card is worth a million dollars? ›

These cards, like the T206 Honus Wagner and the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle, are incredibly rare and sought after by collectors. In conclusion, the T206 Honus Wagner and the 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle are two of the most valuable baseball cards in the world, with both cards selling for over $1 million.

What makes a rookie card expensive? ›

Due to excessive collector demand, rookie cards are more valuable than any other later issue (with some occasional exceptions). Even in cases where a player's second year card has a lower supply than a rookie card, the rookie card still tends to be worth more money.

Are short print cards worth more? ›

A card that is printed in lower quantities than other cards in the same set. Short prints, or super short prints (SSPs), are much more scarce than common cards, and thus more valuable to collectors.

How rare are Topps short prints? ›

2021 Topps short prints
CodeHobby Odds
Short Print2301:69
Super Short Print2311:2,049
Ultra Variation2321:74,986
Advanced Stats Variation233Unknown
1 more row
Dec 15, 2022

How to date Topps cards? ›

It's often easy to figure out the year of the card. For this one, it's right there on the front of the card next to the logo. Usually you have to look on the back in the copyright info. If the card back has stats, you can usually add a year to when they were cutoff to know what year the card came out.

Will there be Topps baseball cards in 2023? ›

2023 Topps Heritage Configuration and Base Set

Once again, Hobby boxes will consist of 24 packs with nine cards per back. Boxes will have one autograph or relic card and a box loader card.

Will Topps make cards in 2023? ›

Bonus Silver Packs return in 2023 Topps Series 1 Baseball hobby and hobby jumbo boxes. This continuity program will continue in other flagship 2023 Topps Baseball releases as well. Each pack has exclusive chrome cards not in standard packs. Hobby boxes have one Silver pack while jumbo boxes have two.

What cards are worth collecting? ›

Quick Look: Best Cards to Collect for Profit
  • Best Overall: Mickey Mantle 1952 Topps Rookie Card.
  • Best Rookie Card: Luka Doncic.
  • Best NFL Card: Tom Brady Optic Base.
  • Best Classic Movie Cards: Star Wars.
  • Best Animated Cards: Pokémon.
Mar 23, 2023

Are baseball cards a good investment? ›

Are sports cards a good investment? Sports cards can be a good investment, but the majority of your investments should be in traditional vehicles like the stock market. Investing in sports cards can be a way to monetize your hobby.

What cards are Topps buying back? ›

What cards does the 2022 Topps Chrome buyback program apply to? The 2022 Topps Chrome buyback program is applicable to the main base and parallel cards of Aaron Judge (#99) and Paul Goldschmidt (#82) — except for the /5 and 1/1 numbered cards.

What is the difference between Topps Series 1 and 2? ›

Series 1 retail included 1952 Topps Redux cards in the style of the classic first set. However, Series 2 features a tribute to the 1965 set instead. The series comes in chrome and cardboard versions and includes Mike Trout, Cristian Pache, Mookie Betts, Rafael Devers, Nate Pearson, Joey Votto, and Christian Yelich.

Are Topps cards worth collecting? ›

Topps cards are highly sought-after due to their rarity, iconic imagery, and collectability, with the most expensive being the 1952 Mickey Mantle card, which sold for $2.88 million in 2018. Collecting baseball cards isn't just a hobby, but also a popular form of alternative investing.

What company is replacing Topps? ›

On Tuesday, Topps announced that it had sold its sports card business to Fanatics, a multibillion-dollar, 10-year-old company whose licensing business was built on sports fandom, technology and networking.

What cards are most sought after? ›

The famous Honus Wagner Card (which, depending on who you ask, is more well-known than the actual player) last sold in August of 2022 for a total of $7.2 million at auction. But of every other valuable card on the list, nothing comes close to the Mickey Mantle Rookie Card that shattered auction records last year.

What is the best year of baseball cards to collect? ›

That crown goes to 1993 SP, with a foil set of rookies including Jeter, along with cards of Chipper Jones and Johnny Damon. The 1993 SP set on its own was revolutionary, and a great set in the opinion of many hobby enthusiasts given its premium approach.


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