Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (2023)

Passing the NCLEX has been the standard requirement for aspiring Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses in the United States since 1994. Of the more than 250,000 NCLEX-RN and more than 60,000 NCLEX-PN test takers in2020, the approval rates were 72.35% and 70.89%, respectively. These smugglers include 83.88% of NCLEX-RN and 82.74% of NCLEX-PNfirst timetakers Effective study methods can increase your chances of passing the NCLEX on the first try; that's why we've selected the best NCLEX prep courses that might work for you:

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (1)

  • Kaplan- Choose Main
  • nurseachieve— The most advanced technology for practice tests
  • quick review— Better first-try pass rate
  • NCLEX Mastery- more accessible
  • Mométrix University— The best free resources
  • we had— The best product offers
  • Conquer exam prep— Best personal experience
  • CrushNCLEX— Best Online Course
  •— Best for students with learning disabilities
  • Nursing Academy Plus— The largest library of practice tests
  • Aworld- Best for busy schedules

Our classification criteria

We've selected NCLEX prep courses that have a proven track record among entry-level candidates, and most offer a pass guarantee to demonstrate their commitment to helping candidates succeed. Based on these characteristics, our carefully selected NCLEX preparatory courses offer flexible study options, such as self-paced learning and private lessons, with access to high-quality materials for different learning formats.

Flexible hours and adaptable formats

It is important that your test preparation fits into your current schedule. We are looking for NCLEX courses that have flexible schedules and self-paced courses and are delivered in a variety of formats, such as live online classes, on-demand online classes, and face-to-face classes.

custom instructions available

Personalized instruction enhances your learning experience and can help improve your chances of passing the NCLEX and earning a high score. We look for courses that offer customizable learning aids or a personal tutor who can help you address your areas of improvement.

Best NCLEX Prep Courses

Kaplan- Choose Main

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (2)

Kaplan's research reveals that participants who pass their realistic CATs (Computer Adaptive Tests) are 7 times more likely to pass the actual NCLEX-RN. In line with his proven ability to deliver results, Kaplan is our top pick for his decision tree approach to clinical reasoning, as taught by his highly competent and dedicated nurse educators. You can opt for the most basic package of over 2,100 NCLEX questions or choose from several bundled packages with the addition of three full CATs, 24/7 access to live and recorded NCLEX channel sessions, and other learning. essential for up to 6 months. Take advantage of discount codes when registering.

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (3)

I need to know:

  • US$ 425 a US$ 525
  • Individualized courses, live online and face-to-face
  • Free NCLEX-RN Practice Test On Demand
What we likewhat we don't like
  • Flexible online learning packages.
  • In-person classes available at select locations.
  • 3 month free money back or repeat guarantee.
  • Instructor-led courses are quite expensive.

Know more

nurseachieve— The most advanced technology for practice tests

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (4)

NurseAchieve provides everything you need to pass the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN. Each of these self-paced courses comes with 130 comprehensive review chapters, covering key topics efficiently and consuming far less time than textbooks. Plus, its adaptive mock exam technology provides unlimited attempts to replicate the exam experience, and you'll get a detailed report on your performance after each attempt. And NurseAchieve is the first provider to support all article types for Next Generation NCLEX (NGN), which is scheduled for introduction in 2023.

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (5)

I need to know:

(Video) NCLEX Practice Test 2023 (75 Questions with Explained Answer)

  • US$ 105 a US$ 389
  • Individualized Online Courses
  • Free Trial
What we likewhat we don't like
  • Unlimited adaptive mock exam attempts
  • Programs range from 30 days to 2 years
  • Supports next generation NCLEX
  • no live course

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quick review— Better first-try pass rate

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (6)

Dedicated to NCLEX review since 1988, Hurst boasts a 98% first-time pass rate and has helped more than 400,000 RN and PN candidates across the country. We are impressed with your clinical trial approach to reviewing the NCLEX and your variety of traditional and online learning options. The online-based Hurst N-Stream package is similar to the Hurst Live physical classroom course in terms of live interactive lectures and provides 9-month access to four exclusive NCLEX-style exams and over 1,500 Qbank articles. Hurst's Elevate plugin provides a guided study plan consisting of six modules. There is also a guarantee with the option of a full refund or a one-time crash course for those who do not pass.

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (7)

I need to know:

  • US$ 109 a US$ 399
  • Live online, self-paced, face-to-face online courses
  • Free live webinars and 7-day trial
What we likewhat we don't like
  • Range of programs from 30 days to 9 months.
  • Flexible standard and extended payment plans
  • Money back guarantee or free fix within 45 days.
  • Limited face-to-face classes.

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NCLEX Mastery- more accessible

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (8)

Created by Higher Learning Technologies, which specializes in mobile learning solutions, the NCLEX RN Mastery and NCLEX PN Mastery apps appeal to students on the go and those who are comfortable studying alone on their devices. In addition to affordable 1-, 3-, and 12-month auto-renewing subscription plan options, NCLEX Mastery promises double your money back if you don't pass the exam. Provides 1,800 NCLEX-RN and over 1,600 NCLEX-PN practice questions based on past exams, with detailed, illustrated explanations. You also have convenient access to category-specific nursing terminologies, mnemonics and quizzes, as well as detailed statistics on the progress of your review.

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (9)

I need to know:

  • US$ 24,99 a US$ 114,99
  • App-Based Online Learning
  • Complete list of mnemonics
What we likewhat we don't like
  • Double money back guarantee for failing reviewers.
  • Dedicated support team.
  • Canadian NCLEX-RN Master's Application Available.
  • No sample test.

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Mométrix University— The best free resources

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (10)

The great thing about Mometrix is ​​that you don't need an account login to access its wealth of free NCLEX preparation course materials, including more than 120 video lectures on specific topics in the standard NCLEX test categories. Each free video even has a transcript with bold emphasis on important words. Enrolling in the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN Prep Course gives you access to eight comprehensive practice tests with over 1,100 practice questions, as well as over 600 eFlashcards, 348 RN or 92 PN lessons with audio modes. and more than 70 Instructional Videos on complex concepts.

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (11)

(Video) NCLEX-RN Full Practice Test - 1 | 2023 | 75 Questions with Explained Answers and timer

I need to know:

  • $59.99 per month
  • Online course with text, audio and video lessons.
  • Refund option within 7 days of registration
What we likewhat we don't like
  • High-quality free video lessons.
  • Physical study guide and flashcards available.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • The monthly subscription is the only paid option.

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we had— The best product offers

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (12)

Dedicated to nursing education, ATI (Assessment Technologies Institute) focuses on the quality of the NCLEX review packages it offers. Their Virtual-ATI + BoardVitals program has a 99% pass rate for NCLEX-RN participants and 100% for NCLEX-PN. This 12-week course features one-on-one training by an experienced nurse educator who provides syllabi and a post-review "green light" when you're ready for the NCLEX. The BoardVitals component provides access to over 3,300 RN or 1,500+ PN practice questions with detailed, richly illustrated fundamentals and customizable quizzes. You can also opt for the exclusive BoardVitals package and attend ATI Comprehensive Live NCLEX review sessions in your area.

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (13)

I need to know:

  • US$ 95 a US$ 525
  • Self-paced online personalized virtual training and live face-to-face courses
  • Three BoardVitals test modes: Timed, Review, and CAT
What we likewhat we don't like
  • Buyback discounts.
  • Courses available for international students.
  • Free reproduction for some reviewers.
  • Limited live face-to-face classes.

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Conquer exam prep— Best personal experience

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (14)

Achieve Test Prep's NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN live virtual review programs offer a structured, interactive classroom experience at home. The class takes place once a week for five to six weeks, and you get 15 hours of live lectures from a BSN instructor, as well as the chance to ask questions and listen to other students. You also get free study materials, including exam-style questions, and can reach out to instructors for support after class. Topics covered include nursing and healthcare concepts, critical thinking techniques, and NCLEX test-taking strategies. With a 95% pass rate, Achieve's NCLEX review courses offer a guarantee of passing with free make-up courses for students who did not pass.

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (15)

I need to know:

  • $ 499
  • Live virtual classroom experience
  • Discount on Achieve Test Prep classes when picking up BSN
What we likewhat we don't like
  • Regularly scheduled live virtual classes.
  • Study material included.
  • Guaranteed free playback for non-NCLEX stations.
  • A one-time payment in full is required.

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CrushNCLEX— Best Online Course

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (16)

As optimistic as its name, CrushNCLEX boasts a dynamic, mobile-friendly learning platform and a 97% pass rate. Its comprehensive learning materials, including more than 100 hours of video lessons and more than 2,200 preparation questions with detailed and illustrated fundamentals, are prepared by a team of highly-qualified nursing and medical educators. Accessing a simulated NCLEX interface familiarizes you with the CAT experience. You also get a mandatory 100-point NCLEX eBook, a 30-day NCLEX Mastery Schedule, and 24-hour email support. The platform benchmark graph allows you to easily monitor the progress of your study. Check out CrushNCLEX's Qbank demo, video demo, and video testimonials from NCLEX passers-by on their website before signing up for a free trial.

(Video) Next Generation NCLEX (NGN) Questions, Changes, Case Studies, Study Guide Plan

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (17)

I need to know:

  • US$ 197 a US$ 497
  • Online course at your own pace
  • Simulated NCLEX software with real exam interface
What we likewhat we don't like
  • Lifetime subscription plan available.
  • Installment payment options.
  • No pass guarantee is offered.

Know more— Best for students with learning disabilities

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (18)

As featured on its home page, describes itself as a "classroom supplement for visual, anxious, ADHD, and dyslexic nursing students." His NCLEX prep course, which uses the core content mastery method, achieved a 99.86% pass rate. More than 300 engaging video lessons, as well as audio lectures based on mobile apps, Cornell Notes, and Picmonics, help struggling students learn effectively. You get access to over 6,000 practice questions and five SIMCLEX (Mock NCLEX) tests. SIMCLEX's AI-enabled test score analytics provide personalized study suggestions to help you improve on the topics that challenge you the most. If you pass the SIMCLEX but don't pass the actual NCLEX, we'll give you double your money back.

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (19)

I need to know:

  • $ 99
  • Individualized online evaluation program
  • SIMCLEX adaptive test that mimics the NCLEX algorithm
What we likewhat we don't like
  • Comprehensive review materials.
  • Realistic mock exams.
  • 200% money back guarantee.
  • The $1 three-day trial is too short for serious preparation.

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Nursing Academy Plus— The largest library of practice tests

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (20)

All future nurses can review the NCLEX using Nurse Plus Academy's great collection of free sample test questions. If you want to dig deeper, a Nurse Plus Premium account gives you access to over 1,600 questions, 65 realistic practice tests, and unlimited exam retakes with the NCLEX test simulator. Each practice question features instant feedback, providing detailed justifications with images and videos. Customizable learning features let you show or hide suggestions, listen to the audio version of the question, and see which answers are most popular with other reviewers. Incorrectly answered questions automatically go to the challenge bank for you to revisit.

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (21)

I need to know:

  • US$ 49 a US$ 139
  • Online access for 1 month, 1 year and lifetime
  • 1,400+ Free NCLEX-RN Practice Questions & 400+ Free NCLEX-PN Practice Questions Available With No Login Required
What we likewhat we don't like
  • Affordable lifetime premium subscription plan.
  • 65 practice tests, unlimited mock exams.
  • Pass guaranteed with full refund.
  • The pass rate was not reported.

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Aworld- Best for busy schedules

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (22)

(Video) NCLEX Practice Test for Management of Care 2023 (40 Questions with Explained Answer)

For busy students, setting aside enough time for NCLEX reviews is easier with UWorld's NCLEX Qbanks and customizable learning tools. You get access to 2,100+ NCLEX-RN questions or 1,200+ NCLEX-PN questions on your phone, tablet, or computer. Answer them in timed mode to challenge yourself or in tutor mode to see your content-rich fundamentals. You can generate quizzes from these questions based on selected topic categories, set the number of items, and customize your flashcards for efficient study sessions. If you sign up for a plan of at least 60 days, you'll have access to self-tests with 100 questions each to test your readiness for the actual NCLEX.

Top 11 2023 NCLEX Prep Courses and Classes - Smart (23)

I need to know:

  • US$ 139 a US$ 429
  • Online learning at your own pace
  • Free Qbank demo with step by step tutorial.
What we likewhat we don't like
  • Flashcards and customizable exams.
  • Multiple concepts per question.
  • Renewal discounts.
  • One-time limited self-tests.

Know more

Choose the right NCLEX preparation course for you

When deciding on the right NCLEX preparation course, consider specific factors such as your personal learning style, how much time you have to prepare, your budget, and the resources most important to you. We have provided more information below to help you make the best decision.

Calculate preparation time

Becauseo NCLEXOffered continuously each year, many NCLEX review providers offer courses from one month to a lifetime subscription to accommodate students with varying personal timelines. Taking the NCLEX as soon as possible after graduation is not uncommon, especially for recent graduates with new knowledge and/or excellent academic records. Repeat applicants and those who plan to take the NCLEX long after graduation may require extensive preparation within a reasonable time frame.

Consider your learning style

Take the correct NCLEX prep course based onyour learning styleFacilitates understanding of difficult concepts. If you're primarily a visual learner, choosing online NCLEX review courses that use video lectures and interactive flashcards might work for you. There are also options with audio lessons and virtual classroom lectures for hearing students.

compare costs

When comparing costs between different NCLEX prep courses, consider what is included in their service packages to help you understand which ones are reasonable for your budget. You can also spend more on programs with longer subscription plans, which can be cheaper compared to automatic monthly renewals. Prices for online NCLEX prep courses range from free to over $499, depending on the learning formats and the number of practice questions included.

Look for the must-have features

Some of the most important features to look for in an NCLEX prep course are:

  • Thousands of practice questions with justifications
  • Lots of NCLEX-style practice tests
  • Availability of video, audio and/or text classes
  • Access to expert support from an educator
  • Declared percentage of students approved
  • Money-back guarantee for students with failing grades
  • Free trials and platform demos

Frequently Asked Questions About NCLEX Preparation

What are the important dates to take the NCLEX?

The annual NCLEX is offered continuously for a period of 365 days. Applicants must first submit license/registration applications to their nursing regulatory body (NRB) and thenrecordfor the exam with Pearson VUE. When deemed eligible by their NRBs, registered candidates receive their Authorization to Take Exam (ATT) emails and should be able to schedule and take exams within the expiration dates written on their ATTs. The average ATT period is 90 days. Candidates can schedule their exams with their preferred Pearson VUE test centers based on space availability. Schedule changes must be requested at least 24 hours in advance of the original schedule. NRBs send official test results within 6 weeks of a candidate taking the exam. An unsuccessful candidate may take the NCLEX up to eight times in a year, but must take the next test at least 45 days after the last one.

Is there accommodation for the disabled?

Pearson VUE only provides testsAccommodationsto applicants with authorization from their NRBs. Before registering and scheduling the exam with Pearson VUE, the candidate must submit a written request to the appropriate NRB in accordance with the NRB's requirements to provide exam accommodations. Candidates who receive written approval from their NRBs must schedule their exams with Pearson VUE's NCLEX Housing Coordinators by phone.

How far in advance should I prepare?

Each state has a minimum period requirement before taking the NCLEX upon graduation. Depending on your current academic status and because of the wide range of topics covered on the NCLEX, starting to prepare for the test a few months in advance can help you be fully prepared to answer difficult questions.

How much does the NCLEX preparation cost?

Costs for NCLEX preparatory courses vary greatly depending on learning formats, course length, and materials included. Some providers offer renewal discounts as well as reduced total prices for combined packages or longer subscriptions, which saves students more compared to buying a la carte products and monthly plans. The following table shows an overview of the NCLEX-RN review courses with different prices:

  • Auto-Paced (6 meses):$ 425
  • Live online (~18 hours):$ 525
  • Qbank (180 days):$ 159
  • Qbank + CAT (180 days):$ 229
  • Qbank + CAT + NCLEX Channel (180 days):$ 279
  • 30-day subscription:$ 105
  • 60-day subscription:$ 149
  • 90-day subscription:$ 195
  • 180-day subscription:$ 260
  • 360 day subscription:$ 295
  • 720-day subscription:$ 389
quick review
  • Hurst Qbank (30 days):$ 109
  • Hurst now (90 days):$ 249
  • Hurst Now Plus (120 días):$ 339
  • Hurst current N:$ 399
  • Hurst live:$ 399
  • Elevate complement:$ 99
NCLEX Mastery
  • 1 month (automatic renewal):$ 24,99
  • 3 months:$ 47,99
  • 12 months:$ 114,99
Mométrix University
  • $59.99/mes
we had
  • BoardVitals NCLEX Prep PN (12 semanas):$ 95
  • BoardVitals NCLEX Prep RN (12 semanas):$ 159
  • Virtual-ATI + BoardVitals NCLEX Prep PN (12 semanas):$ 475
  • Virtual-ATI + BoardVitals NCLEX Prep RN (12 semanas):$ 525
Conquer exam prep
  • NCLEX Live Review (~15 hours):$ 499
  • Basic (1 month):$ 197
  • Gold (3 months):$ 297
  • Platen (6 months):$ 347
  • Life:$ 497
  • $99/mes x3 (6 meses)
Nursing Academy Plus
  • Monthly (1 month):$ 49
  • Bulletproof (365 days):$ 99
  • to life:$ 139
  • 30 days:$ 139
  • 60 days:$ 169
  • 90 days:$ 219
  • 180 days:$ 299
  • 360 days:$ 349
  • 730 days:$ 429


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