Top 150 Comedy Jokes In Hindi 2021 (2023)

Check out our list of the best comedy jokes in Hindi in our article. As you know a little prank can change your whole mood so stay tuned for best pranks in Hindi and share them with your friends and family.

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Top 150 Comedy Jokes In Hindi 2021 (1)

hindi comedy jokes

dad and his wife

So tell me when you're leaving

Why do girls cry?

Wife - going 'crazy' if you only knew...

someone kicked you out of your house

What dance do you do when you "wash the dishes"?

Bank teller says 'no money' to man standing at window

Client: Two sums of money to Modi Mallya, the money went abroad

The teller leaned out of the window, grabbed him by the neck and said: "Your bastard is a beggar in the bank, not in your account."

Judge: As the owner of the house, how do you steal things?

Thief: Sir, you have a good job and a good salary.

Not bad, so what will you do after learning this?

written in public bathroom

"The World Came to the Moon"

and you're sitting here

Papp made up his mind

and writes

there is no water on the moon

so back

Husband - I'm thirsty, bring me some water.

Wife: why don't you eat Matar Paneer today?

Make a real casserole and feed him...

Marido - woo woo woo...!

I have water in my mouth. .

Wife - do you have water in your mouth?

Just use this...

Maestra - Dile a Titu.

How long did Akbar rule?

Tito - Sr..

From pages 14 to 22...

Golu- honey, your day to day

you become beautiful...

Wife (happy) - how do you know?

Golu-see you...

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even the bread burns

Tillu (to the girl) - I am 18 years old, and you?

Girl - I'm 18 too...

Tillu- Come on then, what is there to be ashamed of?

girl - where?

Tillu - oh crazy.

Where to vote and…

what do mom and son do

Pappu - I'm learning mom..

Mom - well done! What are you reading son?

Pappu - SMS from your future daughter-in-law

Teachers, tell me this sentence

It uses Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English.

Papp - Sr..

'Ishq Di Galli Witch L No Entry'

wife - worship

Avoid big balls...

Titu- yes... yours

dad must have done a lot

They got lost and fell by my side.

Top 150 Comedy Jokes In Hindi 2021 (2)

new hindi comedy jokes

Not so nervous the first time...

When people often say that walls have ears...

But now the people with the orange paint are even scarier... . Speech…. .. walls can talk.

Different Girlfriend Experiences: First Delhi..

After receiving the gift of the teddy bear, she said:

OMG it's so cute!

When he handed it over to Ludhiana Wali, he said:

Oh my gosh, what a golden teddy bear!

About giving Lucknow Wali-:

My God..! How gorgeous!

This time the new girlfriend is from Haryana——

When he handed it over to Haryana Wali, he said:

"R gave me a bear"!

Maulvi's boyfriend after Nikah

- "Your rate?"

Maulvi – “Barkhurdar,Begum

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Give according to your beauty.

The groom took out a ten rupee note from his pocket.

Give it to Maulvi, get up and get ready to go.

Suddenly, the bride's veil was blown up by the wind.

Maulvi-Ama Miyan, at least take the rest of the money.

Rabbit enters the zoo with a bomb

Greetings to all from here

There is only "one minute" left.

After hearing his words, the turtle said: -

Wow, hooligans, don't call me just a target.

He's here to avenge a childish failure.

Seven days before Valentine's Day, the lawyer went to a gift shop.

He bought 40 beautiful cards, each with the sender's name on them—

"Hello darling! You recognize it? See you tonight, "I love you."

The owner asked: What is happening?

This is what the lawyer said: on Valentine's Day last year, 20 of these cards were sent to nearby neighborhoods. In a few days, four divorce cases were detected. Send 40 cards this time.

All is fair in business. Because mom used to say—

"No business is too small

There is no greater religion than business.

The shopkeeper fainted.

In grades one through six, all four children had the same test scores.

Now the question arises who should be given the first rank.

The school management decided that the principal would question the four,

The child who gave the most correct answer will be announced first.

The four children introduced themselves and the director asked the question:

What is the fastest thing in the world?

The first child said:

I think - "thought" is the fastest,

Because any thought comes to mind so quickly, no one is faster than this.

The director said - well, that's the correct answer.

Another kid said, I think—

"Blink of an eye" is the fastest, we don't even realize it, a blink of an eye, people often say "blink of an eye" and the job is done.

The director said: well done, the children are using their brains.

The third child said—

"Electric" because in my garage, a hundred meters away, when we go to turn on a light, we press a button in the house and the light turns on instantly, so I think electricity is the fastest. .

Now it is the turn of the room. They all listened carefully.

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For almost everything sharp, the three children have already brought it up.

The fourth child said - "diarrhea" is the fastest...

all startled

The director said: how to prove it?

The boy said:-

Yesterday I had diarrhea, now it's two at night,

As long as I can "think" anything,

or "blink" or flip a "light" switch

Diarrhea has done its "job".

The teacher tore up his Ph.D.

This extraordinarily thinking child was heralded as the first of its kind.

A good friend of mine used to spot my flaws.

Yesterday I met my sister-in-law at the vegetable market.

I also asked: "Who are they?

Sister-in-law, have you returned to your mother's house?

Whole blood was drawn.

The liver is cold.

Father: Let's get married...

Son: why...?

Father: If he comes home from the office, he'll make bread..!!

Son: She's a servant, right?

Father: Bhosdi, are you only hungry for bread?

The wife sends a text message to the husband: - He comes back from work to bring vegetables. yes, the neighbors greet you

Husband: What neighbor?

wife: no I'm just putting the neighbor's name at the end of the message to make sure he's read my entire message.

Now the story takes a turn...

Husband:- But I'm only with my neighbors. What neighbor are you talking about?

Wife: - Where are you...?

Husband: Near the vegetable market,

Wife: Wait there, I'll be right over. ,

10 minutes from the vegetable market, the wife sent a message to her husband "where are you?"

Husband: - "I'm in the office. Buy the vegetables you want now.

Hani people chatted with girls for the first time,

The guys will answer so witty!

As if the minus sign is coming,

You are answering the role! !

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I am more and more afraid that my local people are together,

don't hit me out of jealousy

Here I sweep the balcony of my house,

On the other hand, the fighting starts at everyone's house.

The husband opened his eyes after hearing loud noises in the street in the middle of the night.

He left the house and asked people what had happened:

Someone told him: - Be careful, the water is poisonous! !

When the husband heard this, he immediately went home.

The wife asked: - Is there so much noise and noise on the street? What happened ?

Husband: -Nothing happened... There are useless people, you sleep peacefully after drinking water.

I sat in the park with Sonam...

Sonam gupta: ~ you are great,

Ravi S: ~You are also sexy,

sit next to...

Sankt Mishra ji: ~ I said everyone is married,,,

The baby will be born warm! !

Son-Bapu ji sends ghee, ghee is in the bedroom! !

Bapuji - Why are you studying in the dormitory?

Japo karan gayo hai.

A boy gets a tattoo and cries.

I said bro you can't take the pain so why you getting a tattoo?

boy - I'm not crying in pain brother..

If I had to write Kareena, my brother in law wrote Kamina! !

Single Announced: Marry Me, Or Else

I will be Modi.

The congressman arrived with 200 girls.

It's called fear! !

The girl in the rickshaw brings money...

The rickshaw driver's son becomes IAS..

The rickshaw driver's daughter gets ninety-nine percent...

The children watched the news and insisted: Dad, you take a rickshaw too! !

Some women have decided together that they will not sleep with their husbands for a month from today.

Then an old woman from the group told them: "Everyone puts their fingers in their ears and tickles their ears."

Old: - Now tell me, do you prefer the fingers or the ears...?

woman:- ears...!!

Old woman: - That's why don't show too much cunning...!

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