Top 25 Red Velvet Songs: Critics' Picks - (2023)

July 31, 2019

Red Velvet's 25 Best Songs: Critics' Picks

Red velvet is said to have an extremely complex flavor. The unique flavor comes from its duality, a mixture of sweet and sour. It's not exactly the combination you'd expect, but because of that it's a dessert like no other.

the same can be saidRed velvetThe five-member girl group entered the upper echelons of the K-pop scene with a divisive concept: They combine the vibrant energy of their "red" side with the fluid R&B of their "velvet" side. The rapid development of the industry sometimes means that it feels jarring when groups change concepts. But the reverse charm forms the basis of the identity of the Red Velvet group.

K-pop is known for its fast-changing artists, but Red Velvet takes it to another level. They can be whatever they want:Girl Scouts,killer bitch,crazy carnival,aesthetic noise, oB-movie heroine.sometimes youmust be bold, and the quintet are constantly pushing themselves into new territory, taking conceptual risks while maximizing their unit's outsized talent.

Over the years, Red Velvet has achieved considerable success. Nine albums topped the Korean Gaon charts and won Best Female Artist at the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards. The ladies embarked on their first headlining tour in the US earlier this year, and the Los Angeles dates sold out immediately. They ended up working with Ellie the mixHis most recent hit is "Closer To Me." Last year, "Bad Boy" made them the first girl group to reach the top.billboardA list of the best K-pop songs of 2018.

Somehow, it's been five years since Red Velvet debuted in 2014 with “Happiness.” so,billboardWe decided to celebrate their anniversary by going through their discography and ranking our favorite songs. Happy birthday, Red Velvet! We look forward to seeing more of you in the next five years.

25. "Atta Boy" (perfect velvet, 2017)

One of the highlights of Red Velvet's artistry, and one you'll inevitably discover as you read this list, is their ability to turn offbeat songs into some of the most addictive pop hits. The chorus of this hidden gem incorporates a chant-like melody that is oddly well placed for dark, trapping, and uplifting lyrics. This kind of experimentalism brings out the best in the group, and is one of the reasons why their full-length projects are worth digging into so much more than their lead singles. —jeff benjamin

24. "Sun face up!" ("The ReVe Festival" Day 1, 2019)

In the delicious finale of Red Velvet's food-related pictures, "Sunny Side Up!" follows a fragile relationship that could easily end. This excellent track is the thematic cousin of his labelmate f(x)"Ron pum pum pumIn a sense, they both build romantic stories around surreal metaphors (not to mention they share the same lyricist:Quangan Emperor.) Word games have no language barriers, as Wendy says, "Don't let my mind get blown!" Set on a reggae beat, this simmering song is one of her upbeat R&B tracks to date. —kaitlin kelly

23. "I love too much love" (#cookie jar, 2018)

The opening harmonies might make you think the song is a slightly romantic ditty, but Red Velvet's "Aitai-tai" ("Miss You, I Always") is an energetic track. The MonoTree production team is fullYasutaka NakataInstrumentally, while Red Velvet fills the foreground with flirty verses and snappy choruses that would be perfect for a Vocaloid track. —Monique Melendez

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22. "Feliz" (happiness, 2019)

Red Velvet isn't the type to skimp on Japanese singles, and this electro-pop song stands out with its big brass and pounding beat. The titular boy "SAPPY" is caught in a love triangle and Red Velvet wants him to make a decision. "Leave the reverie," they sing to the fickle guy. (However, it probably doesn't help that the music video is a cult dream in the form of a video game based on The Office.) It is the most varied specimen of Red Velvet.boy museum, that go fromplacearriveVery badly. —CK

21. "Red Dress" (this red, 2015)

Duality is a key word when talking about Red Velvet's music, and "Red Dress" represents how the quintet adjust their mood and sound so easily mid-song. this outstandingthis redWatch the band kick off with a choppy, energetic beat, before turning the song into a lush bed of smooth synths and warm harmonies on the chorus. Never one of which keeps things simple, the two styles blend together for a cleverly chaotic final chorus. —JB

20. "The Lady of Luck" (Russian Roulette, 2016)

The girls prove that you only need five members to be in a great band. "Lucky Girl" incorporates the sonic variations the group is good at, mixing textures of circus, techno, and "womp womp womp."sad tromboneBut at its core, the song proves that her vocal harmonies are so powerful that they can deliver a bit of doo wop. These are not your grandmother's "dummies". —CK

19. "Happiness" (non-album single, 2014)

Beginning their career amidst chirping birds and shouts of “Happiness!”, Red Velvet took the K-pop scene by storm in 2014 with a bright, hard-hitting dance floor filled with eccentric tonal leaps. Exploring the colors of the quartet at the time, including playful doppelgangers of the girls' powerful solos, the song swings back and forth in such a way that it shows the potential for new performances and sets the stage for their entire foundational career. . —Tamar Herman

18. "Ice Cream Cake" (ice cream cake, 2015)

As the first single from a full lineup, it might be Red Velvet's most inappropriate song yet. The track is dominated by airy, haunting, melodious "la-la-la" beats, a recurring theme across all of Red Velvet's singles. When he changes gears, he erupts into hyperactive synth-pop, brimming with the members' charisma. A song that demands repeated listening, "Ice Cream Cake" was Red Velvet's first real commercial success, and it's easy to see why. —TH

17. "Iluminame" (velvet, 2016)

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With so many pop stars looking to break into the R&B market today, you better watch how VR girls navigate the space. The show boasts a set list that would make any R&B pop star salivate, with "Light Me Up" representing one of the best. Soulful rhythms mixed with smooth choruses, plus a touch of sensuality, showcase the band's natural ability to blend in and conquer velvety R&B. —JB

16. "Russian Roulette" (russian roulette, 2016)

This upbeat track is the perfect distillation of the tonal dissonance at the heart of Red Velvet's work. Who else can call themselves "your sweetie"?russian roulette? But you have to watch the music video to get the full experience. The candy-coated footage could have been mistaken for a Wes Anderson movie if the girls hadn't gone on a deadpan killing spree. Sometimes saccharin and morbidity go hand in hand. —CK

15. "Go Back in Time" (this red, 2015)

On the surface, Red Velvet's "Time Slip" is the more restrained sister of Charli XCX and Iggy Azalea."to want."But listen closely and you'll see what makes this song one of Red Velvet's standout B-sides. There are harsh, impossible-to-ignore synths, tempo changes that keep you on your toes, and a tug-of-war between snappy rapping and the softer, dreamier chorus that embodies the lyrical haze between sleep and consciousness. —millimeter

14. "You better know" (red summer, 2017)

"You Better Know" is the staple material on "Crying in the Club," serving as both a source of solace and a dance floor. This foray into EDM includes poignant lines like "There's a world waiting for you, just like you." This energy paid off for the band: the song became one of their most commercially successful B-sides, on theGaon map of South Korea. —CK

13. "Cool World" (this red, 2015)

this redThe closing of the album "Cool World" begins with a loop by Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock"I need two"That gave way to a synth-laden anthem of self-love. “Being different is what makes you different,” Seulgi sings in the most unabashedly uplifting song in Red Velvet's arsenal. The song's strength lies in its confident lyrics and the quintet's vocal performance, which deliver its message across language barriers with equal parts tender vulnerability and assurance that the world is great with you in it. —millimeter

12. "Blue Lemonade" (summer magic, 2018)

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From the opening croon bar to the final track, "Blue Lemonade" blends Red Velvet's "red" and "velvet" sides into a smooth and spicy mix of electro-pop and R&B. It thrives on the expressive voices of the band members, fast rhythms and the peculiar digital buzz. There's a euphoric warmth throughout the song that redefines the feelings associated with the seasonal drink in the most refreshing way possible. —TH

11. "I Just" (perfect velvet, 2017)

perfect velvetThe deep cut "I Just" is the most unconventional new addition to the group's Velvet records. With the help of producer Hitchhiker, the quintet traded in their typical "velvet" R&B tracks for futuristic downtempo bass instrumentation, breathy chants, full stops and playful vocal slides. Backed by a floor-shattering soundscape, their eccentricities come together to create an evocative atmosphere not found on any other Red Velvet track. —millimeter

10. "A Little Love" (russian roulette, 2016)

Although the Russian Roulette EP was released in early fall 2016, Red Velvet easily won song of summer contender with the album cut "Some Love." Popular tropical home production combines with upbeat girl vocals and bubbly pop beats to create the perfect pool party jam. In short, it's a feel-good summery track, elevated only by a group whose personalities shine through on the record. —JB

9. "Automatic" (ice cream cake, 2015)

The dual concept behind Red Velvet is on full display on both albums of the group's Ice Cream Cake album. While the album's luscious title track showcases the band's "red" side, the "Velvet" single "Automatic" is one of their softest cuts to date. The simple percussion allows the ladies' knack for silky harmonies to shine through in what turns out to be a key cornerstone of their sound. Combined with the complex and highly coordinated choreography in the music video, Red Velvet quickly established themselves as a girl group beyond their age with this release. —J.B.

8. "Hide and seek" (perfect velvet, 2017)

Red Velvet's "Peek-A-Boo" might be named after a game commonly played with babies, but there's nothing childish about this 2017 song with its layered vocals and gritty melody. It opens with tuned synths and idiosyncratic rhythms that weave through different key changes to show the varied sensibility of the playing, but always returns to the coy "peek-a-peek-a-boo" of the chorus. It's accompanied by a gruesome music video featuring the women as a shadowy coven murdering delivery guys. Dark and shocking, it's the perfect backdrop for mischievous singles. —TH

7. "Mariposa" (RBB, 2018)

The colorful tones of butterflies are evoked on this hidden gem from 2018's RBB EP, their sounds soaring above retro synth-pop melodies. The song's "butterflies, butterflies" chorus meets crooning "oohs," while the calm verse offsets its hard-hitting chorus and sweetly showcases the members' voices. The quintet always uses rainbow-colored insects as metaphors to describe a beautiful romantic feeling, which lights up the world and fills the heart with confused love. —T.H.

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6. "Mira" (perfect velvet,2017)

who needs90sEditarWhen can there be a retro concept with a Red Velvet touch? This throwback style draws from the band's R&B sensibilities, complete with springy synths straight off VHS tapes. thisbuzzThe produced track is a brilliant showcase of improvisation and vocals, as the girls are given the rare opportunity to reach deep into their lower registers. Then there's a dance break, making "Look" a deep cut from the music show's tour de force. As it turns out, the members know exactly how to tap into the nostalgia, no filter required. —CK

5. "Body Language" (novato, 2017)

when yournovatoThe EP was released in 2017, with Red Velvet less than three years into their career. But this stunning B-side first hints at the maturity and sophistication of these multifaceted musicians. seoul gicall itShe likes the tracks on this EP better, noting that this is the first time the group has shown a more sensual side to their '80s-style synth work. A single as wild as "Rookie," on the same album as a song like "Body Talk", further shows the variety of styles and moods that the band is conquering. —J.B.

4. "tonto" (this red, 2015)

the answer of k-pop"boom bang"Written by Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Jesse J, the electro-pop powerhouse track starts off strong, never stopping for a breath, and harnesses Red Velvet's energetic vocals to become a true family hit. The horn-infused song moves at a frantic pace, revolving around the titular anthem. Powerful verses and sassy raps with Michael Jackson references break with fierce, repetitive statements about how love feels like "stupid, stupid." —TH

3. "The Kingdom Comes" (perfect velvet, 2017)

With a title like "Kingdom Come," you can't expect more than a religious experience, and Red Velvet takes us right into Sunday Mass in this R&B wonder. Backed by erratic percussion, her vocals take center stage through the sublime, intricate harmonies and brilliant improvisations of the talented Wendy and Seulgi. On arguably the band's best LP, "Kingdom Come" still stands out with its nostalgic '90s R&B sound and complex vocal layers, and showcases Red Velvet at their most mature. —millimeter

2. "Bad Boys" (perfect red velvet, 2018)

Let R&B designer The Stereotypes and SM Entertainment legend Yoo Young-jin give Red Velvet some of the classiest and sexiest tracks on their record. 'Bad Boy' leads the way in bombastic titlesperfect red velvetAnd it comes in spades, incorporating the R&B sound they've cultivated since 2014's "Be Natural." Layered sounds—sleek synths, flowing basslines, breathy snares, heel-slams, and finger-snaps—subtly blend, while the members' vocal performances are absolutely understated. Red Velvet has shown in recent years that they can handle R&B singles with ease, but this one stands out on "Velvet." "Bad" has never sounded so good. —millimeter

1. "Red Taste" (red summer, 2017)

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"Red Flavor" was actually Red Velvet's signature song at the time. After its release in 2017, it became one of his best-selling songs and debuted at number 1 on the Korean Gaon chart. they even actedin North KoreaIt's a perfect blend of showmanship, with infectious hooks, haunting choreography, and a fruity music video that creates a sensory explosion. The chorus is kept simple, its harmonies emerging above the lively percussion. "Red Flavor" exudes a fun energy that makes for a great Korean summer song. In fact, composers Caesar & Louito revealThis bright bop is inspired by Little Mix and Beyoncé.

But it wouldn't be a Red Velvet set list without some quirks. The muffled vocal loop has beenFollowed by other idols, visually full of absurd images. (Not many artists doInterview with the fruity version of yourself.) This archetypal entry into their "red" side captures what the team does best: eccentric and engaging in equal measure. No wonder "summer" has become synonymous with Red Velvet. —CK


What song made Red Velvet famous? ›

"Happiness" was the second-most viewed K-pop music video worldwide in August 2014. Red Velvet became the first K-pop girl group to chart a debut single on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart, where it peaked at number four.

What is the most viewed Red Velvet? ›

With over 230.71 million views as of October 28, 2022, Red Velvet's Peak-A-Boo was released on November 17, 2017 as part of their second studio album, Perfect Velvet.

What song does Red Velvet sample in birthday? ›

Red Velvet Samples George Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue' on 'Birthday' – Rolling Stone. Music.

How many original songs does Red Velvet have? ›

The following is a list of songs recorded by South Korean girl group Red Velvet. As of March 2023, the girl group has officially released 127 songs. 108 songs are originally recorded in Korean and 11 are originally in Japanese. Additionally, 8 songs are versions of a song originally recorded in a different language.

Who is the most famous in Red Velvet? ›

How famous is Red Velvet in Korea? ›

Red Velvet is regarded as one of the most popular K-pop groups worldwide by Time and Billboard and have received several awards for music, choreography, and popularity, including the Golden Disc New Artist Award in 2015 and the Mnet Asian Music Award for Best Female Group in 2017.

Who is more popular BTS or Red Velvet? ›

BTS are the most popular Korean group, having surpassed the likes of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande to become one of the most popular bands in the world. Seulgi and Wendy of Red Velvet have completely transformed the world of Kpop.

Who is the most prettiest Red Velvet member? ›

Ultimately, Irene took the crown and was voted the most beautiful member of Red Velvet based on public opinion.

Is Red Velvet more popular than twice? ›

Both groups have achieved massive success in the past few years, with each having earned numerous awards and nominations. However, when it comes to fame and recognition, Twice is more famous than Red Velvet.

What classical song did Red Velvet use? ›

Composition. "Feel My Rhythm" was composed by Jake K, Maria Marcus, Andreas Öberg, and MCK, while the lyrics were written by Seo Ji-eum. Musically, it is a dance-pop song that samples the Bach arrangement "Air", featuring "delicate" and "elegant" string melodies, "intense" trap beats, and "fantastic" vocal charm.

Who is the main singer of Red Velvet? ›

Image of Who is the main singer of Red Velvet?
Kang Seul-gi, known mononymously as Seulgi, is a South Korean singer and dancer. She is a member of girl group Red Velvet, its sub-unit Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi, and the supergroup Got the Beat. She released her debut EP, 28 Reasons, in 2022.

What is red velvet cake flavor? ›

What Flavor Is Red Velvet Cake? Red velvet cake tastes like very mild cocoa with a slightly tart edge. The cream cheese frosting is the most forward flavor. Perhaps even more important than the taste is the texture: smooth, soft, tender and light with creamy icing.

Who can sing the highest note in Red Velvet? ›

With her whistle note in RBB, #RedVelvet IRENE is the only idol who has hit a D7 – the highest note EVER in K-pop history!

Who is the least popular in Red Velvet? ›

  • Yeri is the least popular Red Velvet member.
  • Although she is a very sweet and good looking maknae, she is the least popular member of the group.
  • One of the reasons is because she was added to the group almost a year later after they debuted.

Who is the best cook in Red Velvet? ›

Red Velvet's Wendy

Reveluvs, the official fanbase of Re Velvet, are well aware of how much Wendy loves to bake and cook. She is the best cook among the five members of Red Velvet and often teaches fans how to bake.

Who is the most white skin in Red Velvet? ›

Red Velvet's Irene is an ethereal visual, and is well-known for her pale, snowy white skin!

Which country has the most Red Velvet fans? ›

Over the last month, Red Velvet had 63.9 million views in total on their music videos! The country who contributed most to these views is South Korea, with 12.3 million views.

Is Blackpink more popular than Red Velvet? ›

Blackpink maybe more liked internationally due to the type of songs they have, but Red Velvet is not only liked internationally but also is currently no.

Is V or Jungkook more popular? ›

Although results have varied, in most of the cases, Jung Kook and V go neck to neck. Some surveys have declared that V is the most popular among all BTS members; some say that it is Jung Kook. Let's take a look at some data to evaluate who actually has impressed the Army most.

Who is most less popular in BTS? ›

While J-Hope ranks as the least popular member of the group, Tumblr and Gallup also found that Jungkook and Jimin are the band's most popular members.

Who is more popular than BTS? ›

Blackpink has 30.4 million Instagram followers, compared to BTS's 31.6 million. IU is one of the most popular singers and songwriters in South Korea. Jungkook is the band's main singer, but he is also a well-known member of the group.

Who has the best smile in Red Velvet? ›

Yeri (Red Velvet)

She looks young and fresh when she flashes a smile.

Who has the best fashion sense in Red Velvet? ›

Red Velvet's Joy

Joy has beautiful fashion sense as she looks elegant in every outfit!

Which Red Velvet member has a boyfriend? ›

Joy, one of Red Velvet's lead vocalists, is currently dating South Korean rapper Crush. Their relationship went public in August 2021 after multiple South Korean outlets picked up the dating news.

What is the biggest girl group in Korea? ›

They are also the only female K-Pop group to enter both the US Billboard 200 and Hot 100 chart, with their hit single 'Ddu-Du Ddu-Du' becoming the highest-charting K-Pop song of all time. BLACKPINK's success and global reach has made them the biggest girl group in the K-Pop world.

Is Red Velvet popular in America? ›

1 on iTunes's Top Albums chart in the United States, and “The ReVe Festival: Finale” has now also soared to No. 1. This means Red Velvet has now made history, becoming the first girl group to reach No. 1 on the chart with three albums in a year!

Who is the biggest K-pop girl group of all time? ›

BLACKPINK songs are also a visual treat featuring glamorous outfits, impeccable choreography and outstanding concepts. With over one million copies sold in the world, it is the best-selling K-pop girl group of all time.

What movie used black velvet? ›

Canadian-American singer-songwriter and actress Alexz Johnson performs an a cappella cover of "Black Velvet" in the 2005 film Selling Innocence. It is her character Angel DeSousa's swan song in a talent contest just before she is stalked and tragically murdered.

What era is Red Velvet? ›

To understand the traditional red velvet cake, you must go back in time. Velvet cakes first came into existence during the Victorian Era. It was during the 1800's that recipes would frequently call for the use of cocoa for luxury cakes.

What is Red Velvet based on? ›

In the 19th century, "velvet" cake, a soft and velvety crumb cake, came to be served as a fancy dessert, in contrast to what had been the more common, coarser-crumbed cake. Around the turn of the 20th century, devil's food cake was introduced, which is how some believe that red velvet cake came about.

What is Red Velvet's fandom name? ›

ReVeluv (Kor. 레베럽) is the official fandom name for the South Korean girl group Red Velvet.

Why isn t Red Velvet more popular? ›

Their songs aren't performing well in the charts now. They were barely hanging on to their A-list status, but now it feels like they completely went under that." "As the generation of female idols changes, the public's attention is focused on younger idols, so Red Velvet feels outdated now," they added.

Who is the best girl group alive? ›

Billboard has crowned Red Velvet as the best idol group alive.

Why do people like red velvet? ›

People prefer red velvet cake over any other cake because it is made of Mild chocolate. A study showed that when the cocoa powder and buttermilk are put together, they result in the red color of this cake. For the mild chocolate flavor, you only need to add two spoons of cocoa powder.

What does red velvet cake symbolize? ›

In recent history, red velvet cake has become synonymous with Juneteenth celebrations. Not only does the color red symbolize the bloodshed of the enslaved people who never experienced freedom, but it's also a symbol of strength and spiritual transformation in West African cultures.

What is the purpose of vinegar in red velvet cake? ›

Classic Red Velvet Cake is far more complex than a chocolate cake with red food coloring. Buttermilk and vinegar naturally bring out the red undertones in the cocoa powder, giving the cake a red tint. They also break down the gluten in flour resulting in a more tender cake.

Who is good at English in Red Velvet? ›

Jennie is not the only multilingual K-pop diva that speaks French. So does Red Velvet's Wendy. When she was in her fifth year of junior school, she moved to Ontario, Canada, which not only gave her English a huge boost, but taught her some French too.

Who is the man with the velvet voice? ›

Ted Williams was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City. He served three years in the United States Army, was honorably discharged, and attended school for voice acting.

Does Red Velvet have more female fans? ›

Red Velvet had a majority female fanbase in album sales, with 66.6% female and 33.4% male.

Who hit the highest note ever? ›

Georgia Brown

However, she holds the world record for the highest note. Guinness World Record registered her in their list for the highest note ever hit by a human, a G10.

Who sang the highest note in a song? ›

The highest note on record is a G10 sung by Georgia Brown, a Brazilian dance/electric singer.

Which K-pop idol has perfect pitch? ›

Jungkook is one of the few famous artists in history who has been confirmed to have perfect pitch, which is also known as “absolute pitch”. Jungkook joins Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Mozart, Charlie Puth, Lea Salonga, and Beethoven in the list.

Who has hourglass figure in Red Velvet? ›

How is she real? Red Velvet's Joy has long been famous for her hourglass figure and beautiful face.

Who has the most aegyo in Red Velvet? ›

Red Velvet – Yeri

This little cutie has been called the “energy maker” of the group — and with her adorable aegyo, it's no wonder why.

Who made black velvet famous? ›

"Black Velvet" is a song written by Canadian songwriters Christopher Ward and David Tyson, and recorded by Canadian singer-songwriter Alannah Myles. It was released in January 1990 as one of four singles from Myles' 1989 eponymous album from Atlantic Records.

What song did Red Velvet sample? ›

Red Velvet's 'Feel My Rhythm' sample of Johann Sebastian Bach's 'Air on the G String From Suite No.

Who made blue velvet famous? ›

"Blue Velvet" is a popular song written and composed in 1950 by Bernie Wayne and Lee Morris. A top 20 hit for Tony Bennett in its original 1951 version, the song has since been re-recorded many times, with a 1963 version by Bobby Vinton reaching No. 1.

Why is Joy Red Velvet famous? ›

She is the only member of the group, never to have been a part of SM Rookies before her debut with Red Velvet. Her favorite subject at school is Music. She is known to be the most adorable of the group. Joy made it to the next round of "King of Mask Singer", appearing in episodes 121 and 122 as "Bandabi".

What is a Black Velvet slang? ›

Noun. black velvet (countable and uncountable, plural black velvets) (Australia, uncountable, slang) An Australian aboriginal woman viewed by a white man as a sexual partner. quotations ▼ (Australia, uncountable, slang) Sexual intercourse with an Australian aboriginal woman.

Is Black Velvet a one hit wonder? ›

One Hit Wonders - “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles.

Did Black Velvet win a Grammy? ›

"Black Velvet" won Myles the Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Performance in 1991 and three Juno Awards. In 1992, Myles was nominated for a second Grammy award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance her second CD Rockinghorse.

Who is the main vocals in Red Velvet? ›

Seulgi has strong singing and dancing skills and was appointed the lead vocalist and main dancer of Red Velvet, she also represents the colour yellow in the group. She is also a member of the girl group, Girls Next Door and the group Seulgi x SinB x Chungha x Soyeon.

Who is the female singer velvet? ›

Jenny Marielle Pettersson (born 5 November 1975, Helsingborg, Sweden), professionally known as Velvet, is a Swedish dance-pop singer. She has released two albums since her 2005 debut in the music industry and her first eight singles have all achieved a top-twenty peak on the Swedish Singles Chart.

Who was the ear in Blue Velvet? ›

Lynch was determined that the ear would be a character in itself and requested that make-up artist Jeff Goodwin made it using silicone rather than latex. The hair on the ear is in fact Lynch's, procured after a haircut during filming.

Who is the yellow man in Blue Velvet? ›

Blue Velvet (1986) - Fred Pickler as Yellow Man - IMDb.

Who is the cutest in Red Velvet? ›

Ultimately, Irene took the crown and was voted the most beautiful member of Red Velvet based on public opinion.

Who is the most cutest member in Red Velvet? ›

Likewise, Irene, who is the leader of Red Velvet is known to be the most beautiful member of the K-pop group.


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